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4 Tips to Avoid a Parking Fine in Singapore


If you’ve ever received a parking fine under your vehicle’s wipers for illegal parking violations, chances are your entire day was ruined. No doubt, every driver in Singapore dreads receiving demerit points or a Notice of Traffic Offense (NTO) from the Traffic Police.

Depending on the offense, you can receive a fine between $70 to $240. On top of that, since March 2017, an additional $20 is issued to drivers that do not pay their first NTO for illegal parking in Singapore within 28 days from the issue date. You can check for outstanding NTOs linked to your Singpass online.

You should also note that your car insurance is at risk if your car gets damaged when illegally parked on Singapore roads. It wouldn’t matter if you have Comprehensive Insurance or a Certificate of Merit.

Here are 4 tips to help you avoid a parking fine/penalty in Singapore.

  1. Avoid Parking Illegally In Singapore

Not paying for parking is one thing, but parking illegally in Singapore is a serious traffic violation.

Illegal parking violations are divided into 2 types; non-demerit point offences and offences with demerit points.

Offences with demerit points are accumulated and typically more expensive. If you get 24 demerit points within a 12-month period in Singapore, you will be charged as a repeat offender. Repeat offenders get stiffer fines. Furthermore, if you accumulate more than 24 points, you instantly face license suspension.

  1. Use The Park&Go @SG App

Paying for parking at a proper parking area or designated parking box is of course the best way to avoid a parking fine in Singapore, and the handy Park&Go @SG app makes it easy for you to find a spot. It lets you know if there is an available parking lot as soon as you arrive at your destination.

If you take the risk of illegally parking and get caught for an illegal parking offence, the parking fine will probably end up costing more than what you’d pay in parking fees.

Besides that, the Park&Go @SG app also offers other services like real-time traffic condition reports and the option to pay electronically via the app, making it easy to park at public car parks (without gantries).

  1. Use Your In-Car Camera

If you’ve been issued a summon for parking in a HDB loading/unloading space – or any other no parking zones – but you immediately drove off after dropping off your items or a passenger, you can use the footage from your in-car camera to bolster your appeal.

  1.  Be Aware of Parking Enforcement Cameras

(Image Source: CNA)

If you see lampposts or signposts with orange vertical strips, do not park your vehicle or stop to wait there. These are CCTV monitoring zones in Singapore, used to catch drivers that park illegally. Watch out for the signs that indicate parking enforcement cameras too.

(Image Source: CNA)

No Waiting signs and CCTV cameras have been installed at passenger pick-up points at some MRT stations too. So, keep a look out to be sure you are not committing an illegal parking offence when driving in Singapore.

BONUS: Appeal Directly to The Parking Warden

The waiving or reduction of parking fines in Singapore is discretionary. If you had to park illegally due to a medical emergency, your parking fine may be waived. And if you’re a first-time offender, your appeal will likely be given consideration.