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Lowering Your Car Insurance Premium


Selecting the right driver and usage plan will unlock the best car insurance premium value

Calculating your average car insurance premium

Every Singapore driver uses their car differently. Simply by doing a comparison between drivers who share the car with the whole family and use it daily, with others who drive solely on weekends or off-peak times, you will see that there are more ways to determine each driver’s insurance premium. If you use your car differently, then you should pay different prices for your car insurance premium.

Letting us know more about your Main Driver and Car Usage allows us to give you the most accurate and best premium so you can avoid paying a higher-than-average premium for coverage you don't need.

Remember to declare the correct information:

It's important that you answer the questions about Main Driver and Car Usage truthfully so you're insured in the event of an accident in Singapore. Since we calculate your premium based on the information you declare, that information is used when we review and pay claims.

Drivers & Usage Requirements

Driver Requirements

DirectAsia Driver Requirement Age Age & Experience
The main driver must be 2 years' driving experience & be aged 70 & below.
DirectAsia Require License Driver's License
No driver has had their license suspended or cancelled in the last 5 years.
Accident History Accident & Insurance History
If a driver has had their insurance refused or terminated and/or had 2+ at-fault claims/accidents in the last 3 years, then they're only eligible for our SOS Car Insurance.

Usage Requirements

Usage Commercial Usage
The car cannot be used for commercial purposes, hire or reward.
Vehicle Ownership Vehicle Ownership
The policyholder must be the registered owner of the vehicle in order to be covered by a DirectAsia policy.
Vehicle Modifications Vehicle Modifications
The vehicle must be registered in Singapore and any modifications it may have are LTA compliant.

Unlock more savings

Stand to save more by declaring the correct usage

Do you only use your car on the weekends? Do you drive your car to work? Or maybe you use your car in the course of your job. We ask about how you use the car to calculate the best cost for your insurance premium. So, depending on how you use your vehicle in Singapore, you could save a lot by switching your insurance provider to DirectAsia.

Choosing the right driver and usage plan

  • Value Plan: Covers up to 4 additional named drivers, 2 of which can be young and/or inexperienced drivers. The adding of additional driver is subject to additional premium charges.
  • Value Plus Plan: Covers unlimited number of authorised driver who are aged 30+ with 2 years valid driving license and a maximum of 2 young and/or inexperienced named drivers.
  • Flexible Plan: Any drivers are covered. There is no need to name any drivers.

Drive Less than 8,000 km a Year?

Looking for a policy that fits your low mileage needs? Opt for our Low Mileage car insurance plan and save.

If you're a secondary car owner, use your vehicle sparingly, or if you live close to work, this could be the perfect option for you. Simply select average mileage per year as less than 8,000 km when purchasing your policy and, after declaring your current odometer reading, you will benefit with a lower premium.

Off Peak Car
Drive an Off Peak Car?

The OPC scheme and the Revised Off Peak Car (ROPC) Scheme offers new car owners the option to save on car fees and taxes, in return for reduced usage during peak hours.

If you have an Off Peak Car, then we take that into account when we're calculating your car insurance premium. Please make sure you choose "Off Peak" when you're declaring information about your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Insurance Premiums

What does having a high or low car insurance premium mean?

Car insurance premium is the amount you have to pay monthly or annually to your insurance provider to ensure that your car is covered under the insurance you opted for. A higher-than-average premium might be due to a myriad of factors such as extensive past claims, inexperienced drivers, younger drivers and more.

Do I qualify for DirectAsia's car insurance?

Here is a checklist of who is eligible for our car insurance

  • The policyholder must be the registered owner of the vehicle – we cannot insure you if you are not the owner of the car.
  • The main driver is the person that uses the car most frequently on an average – they must be aged 70 years old and below, with at least 2 years' valid driving licence.
  • Young and/or inexperienced drivers are drivers aged below 30 and/ or with less than 2 years' valid driving licence. You only need to name young and/ or inexperienced drivers on your policy and you can name up to 2 people.

Most other companies in Singapore will insure any number of young and/ or inexperienced drivers which means that even if you don’t have such drivers you will be paying an extra premium for those that do.

At DirectAsia you only pay for what you need.

We have to exclude some drivers to keep your premium down

We cannot cover you if:

  • You have been declined when trying to renew your policy in the last 3 years. Or you have had your policy terminated in the last 3 years.
  • You've had your licence cancelled or suspended in the last 5 years.
  • You are driving a commercial vehicle.

We do not insure drivers with certain professions. These are:

  • Personnel of foreign armed forces
  • Professionals who are involved with the entertainment industry
  • Professional sportsmen or sports women
  • Foreign diplomats and foreign diplomatic staff
  • Driving instructors requiring business use
Can DirectAsia cancel my policy if I did not truthfully declare all information while buying my policy?

Yes if you do not fully and faithfully tell us everything you know or could reasonably be expected to know that is relevant to our decision to give you the insurance, you may receive no benefit from your policy or we may cancel your policy and treat it as never having existed. The admin fee for cancellation is S$90 (inclusive of GST).

What do we mean by Main Driver?

The main driver is the person that uses the car most frequently - they must be aged 70 years old and below, with at least 2 years' valid driving licence. He does not need to be the policyholder (car owner). He should be the person using the car most frequently.

What happens if I have an accident while using the car for an undeclared usage?

If you use your car outside of your declared usage and you forget to inform us beforehand, an additional excess of S$1,500 would apply if you are involved in an accident during this usage; If you have misdeclared your usage at the quotation stage, that is, you are using your car frequently during the course of your work but only took Private Usage, or if you drive frequently to your workplace but took only Private Usage, we reserve the right to reduce or reject your claim altogether.