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How to Safeguard Your Gadgets when Travelling | DirectAsia


7 Must-know Tips for Travelling with Gadgets!

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Technology plays a huge role in our lives and travelling without it would be quite unthinkable in this day and time. Whether it’s a mobile phone to keep in touch with family back home, a camera to capture special moments, or a tablet to keep the kids entertained, most of us bring along our expensive gadgets when on holiday. Now, imagine damaging or losing any of your gadgets while you’re away –– your dream vacation would probably quickly turn into your worst nightmare!

Given the importance of tech devices, you don’t want to be left unprepared without it. If you usually store your boarding passes, driving directions, hotel bookings or your itinerary on your portable electronics, you wouldn’t want to be scrambling to recover a lost device or important documents. That is why it is imperative to protect your tech and electronics when travelling.

Here are seven tips you should practice every time you go on holiday with your smart gear in tow.

Tip #1: Back-up all your data

If your device is lost, stolen, or damaged for good, you wouldn’t want to lose all your data too. While it can’t protect the functionality or condition of your tech, most of the time it’s what we store in them that is more valuable. So, the first thing you should do even before leaving the house is to back up your data so that in the case of a mishap, you can still retrieve the pictures, writings, contacts, and documents you have saved. Backups can be stored on cloud-based platforms or other devices like an external hard drive or USB. We also recommend traveling with a backup of important documents on a USB, in case you don’t have access to Wi-Fi where you go.

Tip #2: Use a protective case

The simplest way to protect your devices as you move from place to place is with protective casings. Dropping and breaking devices is all too common when traveling, so don’t take any chances. While it won’t completely protect your devices in all scenarios, they’re a great first layer of protection against the majority of accidents that could cause severe damage.

Tip #3: Install a ‘Find My Device’ tracker

Nowadays, there are dozens of tracker apps and devices that can help you locate your gadgets if you were to accidentally lose them. Installing apps allows you to track a device from your phone, laptop, tablet, or smart watch, just by visiting the app’s website. Physical trackers, like Tile, are also rising in popularity and are another way to track your gear. It’s normally used for non-tech devices, like your keys, however, it can be a great option to keep track of a camera or bag of camera accessories.

Tip #4: Keep your gadgets on you all the time

The most obvious way to keep your gadgets safe from theft or damage is to carry them with you at all times. Whether you’re boarding a plane, a bus, a train, or a cab, your most important technology should go in your carry-on, and it should be kept within your sight throughout the trip. You should also consider a theft proof backpack for added protection. Some busy tourist sites are known for pick-pocket incidents, so there’s no harm in taking extra precautions. If it’s a smartwatch or camera with a sling strap, then you should wear it on your wrist or sling it around your neck wherever you go.

Tip #5: Check and double-check all areas

Before getting off planes, trains, buses, and taxis, check the seat pockets and overhead lockers to ensure you don’t leave anything behind. Travel can be hectic and distracting, and it’s all too common to accidentally leave something behind. Maybe you forgot that you put it into the overhead compartment, or perhaps it slipped off your lap when you fell asleep. It also could be that you plugged your phone to charge somewhere in the area and forgot to take it with you when leaving the place.

Tip #6: Lock them away

If you’re heading to the beach or going for a stroll through a busy market during your trip, then you should consider locking your gadgets along with your valuables in your hotel room safe. Some hostels also have lockers, but ensure you lock it with your own padlock for extra safety. Usually, hotels or accommodations that provide such facilities, guarantee the safety of your items if you put them into the safe boxes provided, but it’s best to ask them this question and get written assurance if possible.

Tip #7: Get insured

Needless to say, while it won’t mitigate the risk of any of the above taking place, taking out the correct level of travel insurance with a comprehensive cover for your personal belongings is crucial. It will go a long way to offsetting any doubts you have about bringing them with you on your travels. A good policy won’t bring back a lost or damaged phone, but it will ease your worries and abate your losses.

Safeguard Your Gadgets and Protect Yourself

While the cost of travel may already be weighing on your pockets, it pays to follow these simple tips and invest in good travel insurance. With DirectAsia, there are 4 different plan types; DA150, DA200, DA500, and DA1000 to meet your varying travel needs. Each plan type offers different policy limits, but no matter which plan you choose, you’ll still receive the same travel cover protection.  All plan types also come with added protection for your personal belongings. Coverage ranges from accidents, loss, or theft, bundled together with health insurance abroad.