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Travel Insurance Cover Limits

Go Enjoy Your Trip, We've Got You Covered

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Coverage for a Happier Trip

And when we say our travel insurance has you covered, we mean just about any emergency you can think of (and even a few you probably hadn't considered). We'll help you with annoyances like delayed luggage or flights, medical evacuations, and more.

You get the same comprehensive travel insurance coverage (listed below) with every plan. But because not all travellers need the same amount of coverage, we let you pick from four plan limits so you pay only for what you want.

Happier Tip: Travel more than 3-4 times a year? If that's you, you only have to make a one-time purchase at your convenience and enjoy savings and insurance cover for a year's worth of trips.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Coverage for Every Trip

Our comprehensive air travel insurance coverage will set you up for a smooth-sailing trip. Here's just some of what you get:

(for a full list of benefits read the Travel Policy Document)


Medical Expenses

Our travel insurance policy will help cover any medical expenses if you have an accident or become ill during your trip.


Fatal Accident or Disability

With our travel insurance, a lump sum payout will be given for any injury suffered during your insured trip that solely and directly results in loss of limbs, loss of sight, permanent total disablement or your death from an accident.


Emergency Medical Evacuation

Under our travel insurance policy, you'll be covered should you become sick or injured to the point of needing an emergency medical evacuation. We will help you with any costs incurred when you are moved to another location to receive urgent treatment.


Personal Belongings

With our travel insurance policy, we’ll cover the cost incurred if your personal belongings (including phones & laptops) or travel documents are lost, stolen or damaged.


Cancellation and Disruption

Our travel insurance plans will cover any irrecoverable, unused prepaid transport and accommodation expenses from a trip cancellation or curtailment due to natural disaster, civil commotion or even haze.


Reluctance to Travel (Due to a Terrorist Act)

You are covered should you decide you don’t want to travel to your destination following a terrorist attack.


Child cover same as adults

We’ll cover your children up to the same limits as you under Family Plan.


Compassionate Visit

We’ll help cover a friend or family member’s visit to you when you are alone and hospitalized overseas.


Pet Hotel

Our travel insurance policy extends to your fur babies as well. If your return travel is delayed and unable to collect your pet on the day intended, we will pay you $50 for every full 6 consecutive hours of delay up to the policy limit. Keep your dog or cat protected.


Maid (optional)

We offer you the option to include your helper on your family plan. You’re covered for losses you might incur from bringing your domestic helper along with you on your travels.


Extreme Sports and Activities (optional)

We offer you the option of including coverage for extreme sports and activities - recreational activities perceived as involving a high degree of risk.


Sports Equipment (optional)

We offer you the option to help cover for loss, theft or accidental damage to your equipment when on an overseas trip.


COVID-19 (optional)

We will reimburse you for the cost you may incur as a result of a positive PCR test immediately before or during your trip. For more information, please see our COVID-19 FAQs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Insurance Cover Limits

Are there instances whereby I won’t be covered by my insurance policy?

Unfortunately, insurance policies aren’t all-encompassing. There exists specific conditions or circumstances that our travel insurance policies don’t cover. For instance, our travel insurance covers specific geographical regions and countries. Our policies won’t cover you should you travel to the following countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Democratic Republic of Somalia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Nepal
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Yemen

Do note that individuals who have been advised by a medical practitioner not to travel or anyone who is travelling on a trip to receive medical treatment will not be eligible for coverage.

Does your travel insurance limit to just air travel?

On top of air travel, our travel insurance policies also cover cruises and road trips to Malaysia. Do note that any COVID-related claims will not be covered in policies besides the Single trip policy.

What do you need to prepare to file an insurance claim?

If you wish to file a claim, you will need to prepare a couple of documents to substantiate your claim. Be sure to ready your airline tickets, police reports, medical bills and reports, carrier irregularities reports, and original purchase receipts. After which, be sure to give us a call at  6532 1818 or +65 6991 3555 (overseas), or email us at claim@directasia.com. Fill in your details on our Online Travels Claim Form and we’ll do the rest!