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Customisation Options for Your Travel Insurance Plan in Singapore

We know that everyone has different needs when it comes to travelling, so understandably, you will require some insurance coverage options to tailor to your travel needs.

We have 4 Optional Benefits that will help cover different aspects of your travel needs. Do give us a call at 6665-5555 to speak to our Customer Care team in Singapore to understand if you could be covered under the following:

Extreme Sports and Activities

Life is meant to be lived and we want to help you live it fuller with adrenaline-pumping activities! Your travel insurance policy automatically covers you when you are participating in non-extreme sports and activities. By extreme sports, we mean any action or adventure sport which in our sole opinion is involving a high degree of risk. Please click here for more information on the Extreme Sports and Activities optional benefit.

There are some sports/activities that we are unable to cover under our travel insurance policies. For example, you will not be eligible for cover if you are participating as a professional, or trekking or hiking above 4,000m in altitude. For a complete list of exclusions, please refer to the policy wording document.

Sports Equipment

We know that serious sports amateurs are passionate about their sport and would like to bring their own equipment on their travels. If you have opted for the sports equipment Optional Benefit with an annual policy, we will pay for loss, theft or accidental damage to your skis, snowboard, poles, scuba equipment, specialist apparel associated with winter sports or diving, golf clubs, wakeboard or pedal cycles and their accessories whilst overseas.

Maid (Migrant Domestic Worker)

We understand that sometimes you want to bring your helper along on your travels to help ease the stress of a family holiday, or you just want to reward her and let her enjoy herself too. Whatever the reason may be, you can now choose the Optional Benefit of adding your helper into your Family Travel Insurance Plan. We will pay for any losses you incur e.g. medical expenses, medical evacuation & repatriation, and so on. This policy will only kick in after you have exhausted the coverage under your compulsory maid cover, where applicable (e.g. for medical matters).


We understand the concerns you may have given the global COVID-19 situation, whether before or during your trip. If you have opted for this optional benefit, we will cover you for:

Medical Expenses
  • Medical expenses you incur as a result of being diagnosed with COVID-19 while you are overseas. 
  • Medical expenses in Singapore for COVID-19 when you have sought initial medical treatment in Singapore within 48 hours of your return, up to 30 days from your return to Singapore.
  • Medical expenses for follow-up treatment in Singapore when you were diagnosed with COVID-19 during your trip, up to 30 days from your return to Singapore.
Emergency Medical Evacuation, Repatriation of Mortal Remains or Local Burial
  • Cost to transport you back to Singapore or another location for medical treatment after you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, if in our opinion is medically appropriate.
  • Cost to transport your body or ashes back to Singapore, when you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and suffer death overseas.
  • Cost of arranging local burial if after death due to COVID-19 overseas, your next of kin choose to do so.   
Trip Cancellation and Curtailment
  • Irrecoverable Travel fees that you have paid when you have to cancel your trip within 30 days from the trip start date, due to the following:
    • You or your travel companion is diagnosed with COVID-19 and certified not fit to travel by a doctor.
    • You or your travel companion is under quarantine order and the quarantine period overlaps with the trip start date.
    • Your immediate family member living with you in the same household is diagnosed with COVID-19 and advised by doctor you should not be travelling.
    • Your immediate family member not living with you in the same household is diagnosed with COVID-19 and confined in ICU at a hospital.
  • When you have already commenced on your trip and your trip is disrupted due to any of the reason above, we will reimburse you for any irrecoverable cost that you have paid, or pay you for reasonable additional expenses for economy class transport or standard hotel room as a result of the disruption. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your optional benefits for travel insurance work?

Here at DirectAsia, we recognise that every individual has unique needs when it comes to travelling. Unlike traditional travel insurance covers, our optional benefits offer you the option and flexibility to tailor your policy such that it suits your specific needs. Simply select your base cover type and choose the optional benefits that you need.

What are the benefits of adding optional covers to my travel insurance plan?

Adding optional benefits to your policy offers you more comprehensive travel insurance coverage. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, these optional benefits can cover additional costs incurred, protecting your finances and saving you a significant amount of money.

Which type of travel insurance plan should I get?

We currently offer three types of travel insurance plans: 

  • Individual: For solo travellers. 
  • Group: For individuals travelling with 1 or more friends/relatives. Enjoy a group discount when your group size is greater than 2. 
  • Family: For individuals travelling with their spouse and children. You can include up to 4 children who are aged between 15 days and 18 years old or up to 24 years old if they are unmarried and in full-time tertiary education. Your children can go free on the Family Plan with you and your spouse.

For more information, refer to Travel Insurance FAQs.