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How to Avoid Missing a Flight? - Expert Tips | DirectAsia

If you are one who has had the good fortune of never having missed a flight, then perhaps you should continue reading. As for myself, almost having missed a flight more than once, I can understand the hassle that comes along with it. Thankfully I wasn't on a time crunch so it did not affect me too much. The only hassle was that for some reason, my check-in luggage did not arrive with me but arrived a day or 2 later on a separate flight.

For those of you who have experienced flight delays or flight cancellations, you know the inconvenience it could potentially cause. Moreover, with the recent typhoon battering the Philippines and the fairly recent spate of natural disasters in the last couple of years, flight cancellations and delays are inevitable and almost impossible to predict.

Delayed Flight

However, more common problems such as 'technical issues' along with inclement weather seem to plague a lot of flights. If you travel to Europe a lot, you probably should get used to transport staff going on 'strike' as well. In this blog, I am going to share with you some tips to prevent you from missing your flight and also what you could do to minimize the stress should you miss your flight.

Some Tips You Should Know

We all know that giving yourself ample time is crucial to not missing your flight but here are some pointers that a lot of people may not think of!

Multiple Airports

If you are travelling in a foreign country, remember that a lot of them have multiple airports. Therefore, remember to double-check which airport you are departing from. Sounds simple enough, but a foreign-sounding airport isn't exactly going to read what you want it to.

Know your Train Station

We all know that taking a train to the airport could save you a pretty penny  but some rail systems can be really confusing. Worst still when they are not named in your native language. That's when the confusion really sets in. My advice is to know which train heads to which airport and at what time because train timings in foreign countries do not exactly operate like clock-work like our MRT system. Expect train delays too because that is a pretty common occurrence from my personal experience!

Changi Airport

Online Check-In

Nowadays, checking in for your flight can be done up to 48 hours prior to your departure depending on the airline. By checking in online, you not only save yourself the hassle of checking in at the airport but you are making a mental reminder which is great for individuals who tend to forget when their flight is. Think of checking in online as mental preparation because for some, flying is a really stressful event.

Flexible Ticket

Ok, so you managed to miss your flight. Don't fret. Just check in with airport staff to see what they can do for you. They may very well be able to get you on the next flight out at no cost. However, this does depend on whether you were at fault for missing the flight or whether it was due to no fault of your own. If you snoozed way past your alarm then you might still be able to get away with a small change fee if you're lucky.

Sometimes, it does also depend on your ticket too. Just know that sometimes being frugal and trying to save yourself some money on a 'restricted' ticket may not be the best especially when you are prone to showing up late at airports or simply not good with directions. If you save money and purchase a restricted ticket and you happen to miss your flight, you would most likely incur a fee as opposed to if you had purchased a flexible ticket. Purchasing a flexible ticket would also work to your benefit if for some reason you happen to show up before your departure date because you might be able to get on the next available flight at no cost.

Take up Travel Insurance

I know a lot of people who deem this step unnecessary. I never used to take up travel insurance myself but now being older, I guess I have become a little wiser. Things happen. Planes breakdown. Snow falls, turning into ice. Planes are grounded. You miss a flight or the flight gets cancelled. Your luggage with your shopping and gifts gets lost amongst the confusion. Taking up travel insurance can aid greatly in the headache that comes with all of this.

travel insurance

Travel Insurance

DirectAsia.com offers 1 simple comprehensive travel insurance plan. No need to shop through multiple plans pulling your hair out to find the right one for you. The travel insurance plan covers you from the most basic flight delays/cancellations, loss/damage of personal belongings to medical expenses incurred while on your trip, coverage of sports not excluding extreme sports (but you have to declare this at time of purchase) and also an option for a Pet Hotel so that your feline or canine companion will be tended to while you are away!

Furthermore, DirectAsia.com is offering an additional free 2 months cover when you purchase a 1 year travel insurance plan. (Offer is only valid till 31st January 2014.)

Now there you have it, some travel tips to avoid missing that flight or if you do, hopefully it won't be such a daunting experience now. As always, leave us your comments below and safe travels!