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Everything You Need to Know about our NCD 60 - DirectAsia

Wed, 06/07/2017 - 12:04

Safe drivers are generally rewarded by many auto insurance companies with exclusive deals and discounts. In Singapore, one of the best ways good drivers can save on car insurance is through the No-Claim Discount (NCD) benefit. No-Claim Discount is rewarded to drivers who have not made any claims under their motor insurance premium for a year or more, consecutively. A 10% discount is rewarded every year if you do not get into an accident, with the maximum discount capped at 50%, until now.

On 2 June 2017, DirectAsia Insurance launched an innovative and unique benefit further rewarding the safest drivers with an additional 10% No-Claim Discount – a first in the Singapore market. This exclusive and brand new feature, called NCD60, grants drivers who have held NCD50 discount for at least the last five consecutive years with an additional discount. Here’s everything you should know about this awesome new feature:

All drivers who have held the NCD50 status for at least the last five consecutive years are qualified to get this discount from DirectAsia, exclusively. We estimate that 25% of the private driver population in Singapore will be eligible for this unique discount. Since the launch of this new feature was on 2 June 2017, those who have had their NCD50 status since June 2012 are now eligible to enjoy their additional 10% discount. If you are an existing DirectAsia customer you will automatically qualify on renewal if you have held NCD50 with DirectAsia for 4 plus years. If you have held NCD50 for longer than you have been with DirectAsia please call 6665 5555 to confirm your eligibility.

How to avail?

The discount is automatically awarded to qualifying customers when you buy or renew your motor insurance with DirectAsia. For existing customers, the discount will apply on your next renewal. Simply call to let us know your NCD status. Once approved, existing customers will immediately get the additional 10% discount on their next renewal.

Can I protect my NCD60 status?

Yes! NCD60 customers, whether new or existing, can get an optional NCD Protection benefit to protect their NCD60 status for a nominal fee. We highly recommend NCD60 Protection to maintain your discount in case of an accident. Without the NCD60 Protection, customers who have an ‘at-fault’ claim during the course of their policy will, unfortunately, have their NCD reduced to NCD20 the following year at renewal.

What makes this different from offering ‘for life’ NCD?

DirectAsia’s NCD60 offer is an immediate discount to the safest drivers. Under other ‘for life’ NCD schemes, safe drivers only see the benefit in the event that they have a claim. NCD60 is much fairer, more rewarding, and, most importantly, more transparent.

We launched NCD60 to merit responsible drivers and give added incentive to remain safe and comprehensively covered when driving on the road. DirectAsia is the first and only insurer to launch the NCD60 benefit. It is part of our continuous efforts to deliver great value and savings to drivers in Singapore.

Safe Drivers Can Now Enjoy Even More Savings With NCD60!

If you've held NCD50 for at least the last five (5) consecutive years, you qualify for NCD60 and an extra 10% discount on your vehicle insurance premium. Get in touch with us now! Choose the plan you want. Pay the way you want. You are insured!