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Handy checklist on regular car maintenance | DirectAsia


Chinese New Year. A new page, a new adventure to tell your friends or family. But you want a good adventure to relate, not a nightmare you would rather forget. Like getting stick on the Expressway in CNY traffic, or worse, being the cause of the jam.  Breaking down on a fast moving road is not just embarrassing, it can be dangerous.

Like people, cars do better when you look after them.

Regular preventive car maintenance is probably the single thing you can do as a car owner to keep your ride happy and save money on repairs in the future.”  lifehacker.com

Here are DirectAsia’s top tips to keep both you and your car happy ever after.

1. First Things First. The Owner’s Manual

Your car is a beautiful, highly complex piece of machinery. Your Dad may have ideas about how often you need to change or check something, but your Dad is not the Owner’s Manual.  Before you do anything, take advice from the experts who built your car.

“You will discover how often your manufacturer really does suggest you change your oil, your filters, any drive or timing belts in your vehicle, and more. You'll even find out whether you're putting the right gas in your vehicle or whether you're using the right kind of oil in the first place.” lifehacker.com

Using the wrong oil can affect your guarantee, and using the wrong fuel can cost you the engine. Read before you drive. It could save you thousands.

2. Make Like A Mechanic – Check The Basics

Driving your car at the correct tire pressure is safer, and it can save you hard earned cash. Check your tire pressure and treads regularly. You should also learn to check fluids.

Maintaining proper fluid levels is an essential and easy maintenance task. Even armchair mechanics can perform this one. It's fun, quick, and can add thousands of miles to the life of your car. This procedure is particularly important if you're planning on a long road trip and want to travel safely and efficiently.” edmunds.com/how to

More from edmunds.com here

3. Safety Belt Check

No airplane journey is complete without the safety belt check. Your car also needs regular belt checks to keep you on the move. Check your owner’s manual, then ask your mechanic to advise on wear and tear.

More from CarCare.org here

4. Beat the Battery Blues

That awful tick, tick, tick when you try to start the engine? It’s most likely to be a dead battery, and it always seems to happen when you want to leave in a hurry. Check your battery to make sure there is no buildup on the contacts and that it isn’t leaking.

“Automotive batteries have a finite life span. Undercharging, overcharging and heat all team up to degrade your battery. Poor electrical connections make it more difficult for even a good battery to do its job.” popularmechanics.com

More from popularmechanics.com here

5. Handy checklist for additional regular car maintenance

  • Windscreen wipers
  • Tires – Rotate, balance, check alignment
  • Spark plugs
  • Cabin air filter
  • Engine air filter

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