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Lemony-Suai-Kits: A Series of Unfortunate Incidents!

Studies have shown that when given spatial tasks, males tend to do better than females. So it is not without surprise that females usually have more difficulty gauging distance and space when it comes to driving and parking.

Now hang on! Before I get a backlash of angry posts from female drivers who have a perfect driving record, let me state here that I am speaking hypothetically, and from my personal experience on the road.

Okay. Moving on.

A Series of Unfortunate Accidents

So I've been a driver for 7 years, and in these 7 years, I've had a relatively good run on the road. I've only gotten into 1 minor accident, and that was on the CTE during rush hour. I had signalled from the middle lane to turn out to the right lane. I checked my right side mirror, and saw headlights from quite a distance so I turned and moved out. Next thing I know, I heard a screeching sound, and felt myself being thrown forward. To cut a long story short, my Astigmatism had caused me to gauge distance pretty badly, so the "distant headlights" I saw, was actually only about 3 cars away. That was totally my fault, so insurance claims would've been on me.

Fast forward to another incident. Our family car had been parked in a cramped parking lot, on the opposite side of a pick up.  After our grocery shopping, we got back to our car, and found our entire rear windscreen smashed, with glass all over the floor. We thought someone had tried to break into our car, but security footage showed that the pick up had reversed right into our hatchback. Totally not our fault, but once again, premiums went up.

Third incident, and this is hypothetical. Imagine that I am driving down the highway on a rainy day. Traffic is smooth and cars are zipping along at 100km/hr. All of a sudden, the driver in front of me slams the brakes, and I follow suit. Even though I'm keeping a safe distance, the roads are slippery, and I can't stop in time. It becomes a fender bender, except within the next few moments, I hear a loud 'THUD', and feel an impact from behind me. There's now a 3-car pile up on the ECP, and the rush-hour traffic hates us. This wasn't my fault, but I've somehow become implicated in this mess just because I got into this mangled mess.

most risky drivers had multiple accidents

Labeled as Risky Drivers - What Can I Do Now?

By this third hypothetical situation, my insurance premiums would've sky rocketed, and add that to my age bracket of being below 25 (the age that is deemed to be of a higher risk), how am I supposed to afford driving anymore?? Road tax, car prices, COE, and if insurance companies are still willing to insure me, I now also have to pay astronomical insurance premiums because I'd be labeled a "risky driver"!

Thank goodness for DirectAsia.com SOS Car Insurance policy! DirectAsia.com understands that not all accidents are caused by the driver (hence, they are called accidents!), and they want to help by getting you back in the driver seat! Premiums will be higher than before, but at least I get to continue driving on the roads. If I lived in Old Airport Road and worked in Tuas, I can't even imagine getting to work by public transport every day.

So if you're one of those unfortunate souls who invariably find yourself in a situation that leaves you going "WHY AM I SO SUAI AGAIN??!", be sure to keep DirectAsia.com SOS policy in mind, because they understand that not all accidents are caused by You!