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7 Vacation Ideas for the Sports Lover

Going for a holiday may mean laying by the beach and getting a tan, but for those who can’t stand the idea of idling, an active holiday can be a great idea. An active holiday combines the sports you love with the advantage of doing it in a different setting, allowing you to explore new surroundings and take your passion to a new level.

Ready to spend your next holiday getting fit and active instead of eating and shopping? Check out some of these awesome destinations for your next sporty vacation!


If you can walk, you can trek. Going on a trekking holiday may be daunting for newbies, but there are lots of options when it comes to trekking. Simply put, trekking means making a journey on foot. It does not necessarily mean you need to carry a huge backpack, camp outdoors and take on a multi-day hike on steep mountains.

Depending on your level of fitness and how capable you are at navigating, you can always choose something suitable for you. Often, you’ll even find that there are different levels of trekking difficulty on a single mountain. Here are some suggestions for trekking routes from newbies to the experienced.


Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan

Single day treks – Dragon’s back in Hongkong, Mount Batur in Bali, Tiger’s Nest Monastery Trail in Bhutan, Mount Fuji in Japan, Uluru Base Walk, Australia

Intermediate level treks – Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, Jade Mountain in Taiwan,  Gunung Rinjani summit trail in Indonesia, Tiger Leaping Gorge in ChinaInca Trail in Peru

For experienced hikers – Annapurna Sanctuary Trek in Nepal, Baltoro Glacier & K2, Pakistan, Zillertal Alps, Austria, Tour du Mont Blanc – France, Italy and Switzerland.

2. Snowboarding/skiing

Perhaps the heat and humidity of the Singaporean weather has gotten to you and you would like to be able to stay active in an environment where you can sweat comfortably! Then winter sports like snowboarding and skiing could be a new challenge to undertake.

Niseko ski village

In fact, you don’t always have to travel to the crowded French Alps just to ski. There are plenty of options near home where you can have some snowy fun and cut down on travel cost. Consider taking a beginner course in skiing or snowboarding in Japan which can last from a day to a week. What’s lovely for Japan is that you can also relax in a hot onsen at the end of an active day!

3. Diving

Living in Southeast Asia is definitely an advantage for divers since the region offers plenty of affordable options for diving trips. Whether it is to get your PADI Basic open water certificate, appreciating the beautiful underwater world or exploring shipwrecks, dedicating a week-long holiday to your favourite hobby in the wondrous tropics shouldn’t be difficult in this part of the world.

Dive Wreck

Some popular dive locations in Asia includes PhiPhi Island in Thailand, Phu Quoc, Vietnam, Sipadan Island, Malaysia, Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia, Coron Wrecks, Philippines, USAT Liberty - Tulamben Beach, Indonesia.

4. Yoga Retreat

Been sweating it out in your Warrior II, Downward dog and mastering The Crow? If you’ve found zen with yoga and is using it to relieve your work stress, perhaps it’s time to level up and go on a yoga retreat. What’s great is that there’s no rush to finish your workout during the lunch hour or rush home to finish up your chores. At a yoga retreat, simply relax and do yoga all day. Attend the classes you like as much (or as little) as you want and explore new yoga styles in a different setting.

Popular destinations near Singapore includes Ubud in Bali, Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand, Talalla Retreat in Sri Lanka, Ananda Spa Himalayas, India.

5. Cycling

If taking part in cycling races in Singapore no long thrills you, or you’ve been frustrated by the lack of mountain bike trails available on the little red dot, taking your passion overseas might be a rewarding experience.

Prefer to cycle on flat terrains? A bike trip with some pals starting from Singapore to Malaysia or Thailand could be a fun idea that is manageable. Remember to check out stops where you can fuel yourselves with cheap local food along the way though! You’d definitely need some planning, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

If off-road riding through rugged terrains with twisting climbs, muddy paths and rocky roads is your thing, then consider countries like New Zealand, the French Alps and Canada. These countries offer an alternative experience with beautiful natural scenery, not to mention that you get to cycle without the humidity of our tropical island!

6. Martial Arts

Always wanted to spend some time mastering some martial arts techniques for fitness and self-defence? If attending the ad-hoc lessons at local gyms aren’t giving you the breakthrough you need, it’s probably worth spending an active holiday at a boot camp where you focus entirely on training your mind and body.

Muay thai fight

Depending on the style of martial arts you are keen in, there are plenty of training centres that cater to boot camps that last anywhere between 7 days to a month. Options include Muay Thai at Team Quest Thailand, Aikido in Japan, Karate in Okinawa or even Chinese martial arts in a Shaolin Temple in China.

7. Adventure Sports


Not quite satisfied by “normal sports” and simply giving your body a good workout? Craving for some adrenaline-pumping activities that you can tick off your bucket list? If bungee-jumping, sky-diving and whitewater-rafting sounds like your kind of holiday, then you might want to consider popular travel destinations known for adventure holidays:

  • New Zealand - bungee, sky-diving
  • Interlaken, Switzerland - Paragliding, canyoning
  • Innsbruck, Austria - skiing and bobsleigh
  • Iceland - snowmobile, ice-climbing, glacier-hiking, ice-caving
  • Chamonix, France - Paragliding, hydrospeed, rafting, mountain climbing

Of course, if you are planning to take part in high-risk sports activities, always remember to take up additional coverage on your travel insurance for safety. DirectAsia allows customers to customise their travel insurance plans so that you only pay for what you need.

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