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Low COE, then its time for a new bike- DirectAsia

Mon, 03/18/2019 - 12:41

The latest COE bidding results in March showed a drop in COE for motorcycles(Cat D). COE for motorcycles has come off to a multi-year low in November last year at just $2,509. This is a huge drop of 68% from its peak of $8,001 reached in January 2018. While prices are not at its all-time low in March 2019, the COE bidding price of $3,602 is still considered relatively cheap compared to its peak price.

For those looking to get a new motorbike, it could be a good time to bid for a motorbike COE.

Getting a motorcycle license

If you don’t have a motorcycle license yet and is thinking of getting one, here’s what to do and the estimated cost of getting one:

  1. Register for a Class 2B license - you can register at Bukit Batok Driving Centre, ComfortDelgro Driving Centre or Singapore Safety Driving Centre

The basic Class 2B motorcycle license allows you to ride bikes of up to 200cc. If you want to ride bigger bikes of up to 400cc, you’ll have to wait a year later to get your Class 2A license.

2. Pass the theory and practical test

You’ll need to pass your Basic Theory Test (BTL) and Riding Theory Test (RTT). For practical lessons, you’ll need to go through the obstacle courses in the circuit. Once you have completed all the lessons, you will be able to book your Traffic Police Practical Test.

Of course, not everyone would pass the practical lessons at the first attempt. The average rider would probably do 15 circuit sessions and 6 2-hr on road lessons before taking the practical test.

3. Cost of a motorbike license

Here’s a look at the estimated cost to obtain your Class 2B license:

Cost at Bukit Batok Driving Centre:

  1. Enrolment - $58.85
  2. Eyesight test - $1.82
  3. Theory lessons - $17.12
  4. Theory Practice - $3.21
  5. Theory evaluation - $5.35
  6. Peak/off-peak practical lesson(circuit) - $29.96/$25.68
  7. Peak/off-peak practical lesson(road) - $40.66/$36.38
  8. Basic theory test - $6.50
  9. Riding theory test - $6.50
  10. Practical test - $33
  11. Vehicle rental - $35.31

If you are able to pass at one go, you’ll likely spend an average of $900.

Getting a Motorbike

New or second hand? It is entirely up to your wish and budget. Of course, if you just want to get a motorbike for your daily commute to work, you can simply choose to get a second-hand bike for as cheap as below $1,000.

Of course, getting a second-hand vehicle comes with its risk, so you might want to find out what to look out for before getting a second-hand bike.

Motorcycle insurance

Whether you are getting a new or used motorcycle, you’ll still need to get a motorcycle insurance. Similar to car insurance, there are three types of coverage:

  • Third Party Only (TPO) - the bare minimum bike insurance required to ride in Singapore. TPO protects you from liabilities against third-party claims only. With TPO you're responsible for covering repairs to your bike
  • Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) - Get the cover of TPO plus additional protection in case your bike is stolen or damaged in a fire.
  • Comprehensive - If you love your bike(especially if it is new!), comprehensive is the best way to protect it. In addition to the above two plans, you get protection from your own crashes, natural disasters, vandalism and towing following an accident.

The good thing about getting a motorcycle insurance from us is that each plan comes with optional benefits that you can add to customize your plan. In fact, it can even make your premium lower!

We also reward safe riders with a No claim discount (NCD), depending on how long you’ve maintained a good riding record. The good news is that the NCD is transferable if you have been riding a company motorcycle and you then buy a personal motorcycle. This is provided you can show the number of “claim-free” years you have with a letter from the HR department of your employer.

Foreigners or expatriates living in Singapore will also be entitled to NCD if you provide us with a letter from your last insurance company stating that 1) you have been insured over the last 12 months, 2) the number of "claim-free" years.

So if you intend to get a motorcycle this year in light of the low COE, get it soon and it’ll serve you well to protect your precious motorbike with the right motorcycle insurance!