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Giving Off Peak Car (OPC) Drivers a Little Extra Help

Off peak car owners are a lucky bunch. Not only do they get to pay less road tax (by up to $500), they also get a rebate of $17,000 to put towards their COE and ARP costs. But the real benefit, at least as far as some are concerned, is that they don’t have to sit in heavy traffic during rush hour. Instead they can relax on the MRT or the bus, with a good novel, a fun video game or, just maybe, an absorbing end of year report.

Off Peak Car

But our loveable Weekend Cars also let us enjoy the thrill of the open road, at times of the week when the roads are indeed pretty open. In fact, if you’re an OPC driver, you probably get to see the world of motoring in a far more flattering light than those who drive to work every day. No worries at all about being late – except perhaps when trying to get your family to the shopping mall before it closes!

Tackling the day e-licence

Of course, the OPC set-up isn’t always ideal. There are occasions when you simply have to use your car during peak times – for example if someone in the family falls sick and needs transport to the doctor, or when public transport simply isn’t quick enough for your needs.

But on these rare occasions, the day e-licence is just the ticket, as it were. Currently priced at $20, you need to buy your e-licence before 23:59 the next day. They can be bought from SingPost /AAS outlets (Automobile Association of Singapore), online or using a mobile device. People can sometimes be in a rush when they suddenly need to drive during peak hours, so it can be easy to forget to organise an e-licence. But you can be landed with a hefty fine if you don’t, so ask those around you to bring the topic up before midnight next day; you won’t turn into a pumpkin if it slips your mind, but those crystal slippers you had your eye on might have to wait.

Drive less, pay less

Most OPC drivers, however, don’t encounter any problems, and often find it gives them the best of both worlds. But here at DirectAsia.com we like to give our OPC customers even more to grin about. Our Low Mileage Car Insurance – the first of its kind in Singapore – is rather like our affordable, first class ‘standard’ car insurance, but comes with an important twist: it costs even less!

It makes sense that if your drive less, you should pay less for your insurance. Together with OPC drivers, this also applies to others who use a standard car infrequently; for example, those who need a car for the school run, or those who have a second car. So if you drive less than 8,000km a year in a regular private car, our ground-breaking Low Mileage Car Insurance could be perfect for you too.

We understand that running a car in Singapore is not cheap, so our products have been designed to fit in with your particular circumstances, and give you the best possible deal. Quite simply, why pay more than you have to?