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Types of Motorcycle Gears to wear during rain in Singapore

Man it rains a lot in Singapore. And not necessarily in predictable patterns either. Some rainy seasons are light and sporadic and some supposedly hot seasons are raining every other day. 

If you ride in Singapore you will ride in the rain. There’s no avoiding it.

You’d think with how much rain we have people would drive better than they do, but we all know the reality. Accidents increase, people often become more aggressive, and drivers guard their lanes as if life would end if someone were to get in front of them…all with the added dangers of less grip on the road and diminished visibility. For riders it’s doubly bad. You have all those hazards and annoyances on top of being soaked to the bone. If you were on your way to the office…be ready to freeze in your damp clothes as the oppressive office air conditioners blast you all day long. The actual riding in the wet we can’t really help you with. That comes with practice, having a clear head, slowing yourself down and doubling up your safety protocols. But we can help a bit with the visibility and the damp office clothes!

Wet Riding Gear

As with most things in motorcycle riding, preparation is the key. Not much you can do once the rain is falling and you’re away from home. So it’s usually better to plan as if it will rain every day…because in Singapore that’s usually the case. Here’s some of our favourite rainy motorcycle gear. Some of it is larger and for leaving with full knowledge the skies have opened up, and others are for emergency deployment when you get caught with your (rain) pants down. Also a lot of these suits are offered in black, but we’d advise the bright colour options. You want to be seen and be protected. No point being dry if a car’s just going to slam into you. Tourmaster Elite Series II 1-Piece Rainsuit Waterproof, polyurethane-backed heavy-duty nylon shell with sealed seam construction with a collar-to-fly length main zipper with dual wind flap and Velcro® closure. Important for Singapore features a polyester mesh lining that enhances air circulation and comfort. Harley Davidson Hi-Vis Rain Suit Even cruisers need rain gear and even Harley folks can see the need for something besides black every now and then. All the rain protection you need, with bright orange or yellow for visibility and that sought after Harley branding. REV'IT! Pacific H2O Rain Suit Rain protective gear that’s easy to get on in a hurry. The REV’IT rain suit insides are coated with a non stick coating that’ll let you slide into the suit with ease. Unfortunately some users report the speed sacrificed a bit of the water protection, with water coming in the zipper a bit. River Road Tempest 2-Piece Rain Suit As the name suggests this rain suit is designed for full onslaught downpours. Reinforced and bolstered everywhere that counts and with hood and storm flaps that will keep rain out of all your nooks and crannies. REV'IT! Cyclone H2O Rain Jacket Or if you’d just prefer the jacket, the Cyclone gives you a more easily packable rain jacket without the pants. Good for when the rain hits you all of a sudden/light rain and you just need to protect up top. Emergency Poncho Bought at 7-11 or somewhere similar. Hey, it’s not going to add any visibility but if you’ve ridden out without anything sometimes even a little bit of extra help can be good.

Be Careful

Just to remind again. When you ride out in the wet be extra careful. Some like to pull underneath overpasses to wait out the rain. This can be dangerous too as cars and others can think likewise or pile up into you without much notice. Don’t try to rush home through the rain, if you’re out you’re already wet so just enjoy it like a kid in the summertime. Any extra rushing might only speed up not getting home, which no one wants. Watch yourself, because we know the cagers aren’t going to. Try and keep yourself covered out on the roads at all times. ATGATT and Motorcycle Insurance. Switch to DirectAsia.com and save up to 25% on your motorcycle cover. If you’re a safe rider there’s no reason not to give it a try. We’ll even save you money on your second subsequent policy if you add an extra bike to the collection!