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3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Fuel-Efficient


As a car owner in Singapore, keeping the vehicle fuel-efficient is possibly one of your concerns. Failing to perform maintenance also burns up more fuel. This includes making sure that the auto insurance is paid on time, finally scheduling that long overdue oil change with his or her trusted mechanic, and checking for any signs of possible future problems. Without question, carrying out routine maintenance on your vehicle can reduce the occurrence of mechanical failures and improve the driving quality of your car.

Below are 3 maintenance tips to keep your car fuel-efficient:

1. Choose the Right Engine Oil                          

Upon buying a car, the manufacturer suggests the best oil grade for owners to use. This can often be seen in the owner’s manual. Unfortunately, not all car owners follow the specified recommendation and this can lead to poor gas mileage. Using the right engine oil ensures that all the metal components in the car are running smoothly and that your engine is well-protected. Also, every time you decide to have your oil changed, check if the new oil contains friction-reducing additives or if it will contribute to energy conservation.

2. Clean Your Air Filters

For most cars, the replacement interval of the air filter varies between 24,000 km and 48,000 km. However, most people forget to have their air filters replaced which eventually affects the car’s fuel efficiency since a clean air filter is necessary for keeping pollutants away from the engine. Without clean air filters, substances that are trapped under the filter clogs the air flow and adds strain to the engine. This can damage and eventually decrease the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Do take note that this is only true for cars with carbureted engines. For newer models with more advance and computer-controlled engines, changing your air filters might not give the same benefit. Nevertheless, it can still improve your car’s acceleration and your engine’s life.

3. Check for any Problems Immediately

Some drivers ignore little noises and difficulties with their vehicles, thinking they are just minor occurrences. However, little things like this might lead to more serious problems in future. More importantly, an out-of-tune car with an emission problem contributes to the vehicle’s poor gas mileage more than you think.

To help improve your car’s fuel efficiency, ensure that the vehicles parts are at its peak condition and that the engine is working smoothly. Be wary of any sputtering or stalling and check if your car’s mileage keeps on decreasing despite changing your oil. It is very important not to neglect regular maintenance by a professional.

Fuel-Efficient is 3 Tips Away

Most car owners know the importance of proper routine maintenance, but do not do it enough for many reasons. If you’re concerned about the price of petrol or your impact on the environment, you can start with these three tips to keep your car running smoothly and fuel-efficient.

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