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What Albert Einstein Can Teach You About Travel Insurance


Albert Einstein, the amazing Nobel prize winning scientist.  He knew a thing or two about accidents. He also said that the difference between ignorance and genius, is that genius has limits.

When it comes to travel, ignorance can be anything from frustrating to extremely dangerous.  For example, how would you feel you about climbing a volcano if you did not know it was about to erupt?

Smart people know that travel involves things they can’t predict.  A volcano expert may predict an eruption – you and I are unlikely to know much about it until our flight home is delayed or cancelled. Here are the 4 worst myths about travel insurance, and why it pays to ignore them.

Myth #1 – Nothing will happen to me

All travel involves uncertainty and risk.  You cannot control the unexpected. If you travel, you need travel insurance. Not convinced? Read this.

“The biggest myth is this – “I never buy insurance because nothing has ever happened to me and I won’t need it.” That’s not true of life on this planet!” Lim Wen Hwei, Claims Manager

There is only one thing worse than being delayed, stuck, robbed, ill or injured. Having no back up plan. And with travel, your best back up plan = insurance.

Myth #2 - Flights + hotels now, travel insurance last

What if you book your gorgeous dream holiday, flights and hotel, only to hit a medical or family problem that means you have to stay put? If you have the right travel insurance in place, you are covered. If not, you are severely out of pocket.

It’s wiser to spend a few dollars to insure that you don’t lose hundreds, or even thousands!

Myth #3 - My other insurance will cover it

Homeowner’s insurance, credit card policies or domestic health insurance. These policies are not always designed to cover the costs of medical expenses, trip cancellation, delays, or even medical evacuation, in another country. Same goes for a monsoon or other natural catastrophe. Like the rock fall that stops you making your flight or hotel. This is where travel insurance comes in.

Myth #4 - Travel insurance only covers the really bad stuff

Yes, you are covered for severe illness, disasters, injury or repatriation costs, but your policy can also help you with small dramas. Here are a few examples of ‘annoying little things’ that we cover,

  • Delays caused by public transport - You're covered if your journey is delayed because of late public transport, overbookings or misconnections.
  • Travel delay - You will be compensated if your flight, bus or boat is delayed for more than 6 hours.
  • Automatic policy extension - Your policy will be extended if your flight is delayed or if you're injured and can’t get back on your scheduled date.

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