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How to decide where to travel next | DirectAsia


Living in Singapore places you on the doorstep to many places the rest of the world only dreams of being able to visit. Krabi, Bali, Fiji, Australia, HK and more are shorter flights than visiting the next town over in Texas. If anything the amount of excellent choices is almost overwhelming.

How do you decide where to go next?

You have your bucket list of places to visit before you die. Places that for whatever reason you just haven’t visited yet. Each time you try to pick one another seems more appealing or there’s a family obligation to go to this other destination. Reframe your choices off of only one aspect of the trip.

What do I mean?

You can make the choice of where to go easier by limiting the number of options to consider. Instead of weighing every possible thing out decide what’s most important to you. Are you on a budget? Maybe you’re crossing an item off your must-visit list? Or maybe there’s a food holiday you have to go on before the local market runs out?

Travel escapes can be valid for any number of reasons, but choose something that matters currently to you.

by budget

This is how a lot of people decide where to go next. They have limited funding, but desperately need to escape Singapore. Total up the amount you want to spend on travel and pick your spot based on the bottom line. The website Hopper lets you search a destination without specific dates and it’ll show you the lowest prices for different times of the year. You can even create a price alert for notifications about trips to Tokyo suddenly being below $500 dollars for example.

by environment

Sweating through your socks this hot season? Need an icy escape? Book your trip based on the climate you’d like to enjoy while on your holiday. In a few hours you can be toasting on a beach or hitting the ski slopes depending which direction you head.

for culture

Maybe you travel so you that you can explore the cultures of the world. Make a list of holidays or celebrations in different cultures you’ve always wanted to experience. Songkran in Thailand? Or something a bit more exotic?

for event

Similar to the above you can pick a spot based on an event you’ve always dreamed of attending? Summer Sonic in Japan? Rip Curl Cup in Padang?

by activity

Lastly plan an escape based around your favorite pastime. Love eating, we’re in a pretty spot for that :) Or maybe you want to kite surf, sumo wrestle, race go karts, box kangaroos…whatever your hobby there’s most likely a very obvious next escape for you.

Go prepared

Wherever you go next be sure to cover yourself against the unknown. Travel insurance with DirectAsia.com protects you against delays, lost baggage and more. Though travel emergencies are relatively rare, the more you travel, the greater the chances something can go wrong. But the negative is never a reason to avoid the trip, just prepare before so you’ll have peace of mind should anything actually happen.