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Ride-hailing Apps - What choices do you have other than Grab?

Ridesharing apps

Before the exit of Uber from Singapore, the fight between ride-hailing apps seemed to be just between Grab and Uber. Now that Uber has left, there has been a number of new players in the industry. Here’s a look at who they are and the type of services they provide.


At the moment, Ryde seems to be the closest competitor to Grab. The problem though, is that it can be overwhelming for a new user due to the number of services they offer. Price wise, they are close to Grab prices so if you are not looking for the cheapest ride they are pretty reliable.

RydeX - Private hire car, fares are fixed at the time of booking and include ERP charges

RydePOOL per pax - Riders do not mind sharing the ride with a stranger

RydePOOL per trip - Riders pay for a direct trip without detouring

RydePET - Pet-friendly option for riders. Fares up to 25% higher than RydePOOL jobs. No sharing.

Currently, there is no cancellation charges or penalties, and all toll charges are included in the ride.


There were high hopes for Go-Jek to break Grab’s monopoly when they launched their services here. Now that their services have expanded to allow island-wide usage, they have been working on improving user-experience.

GOCAR - private-hire vehicle

Currently, Gocar is the only service provided, meaning no carpool, no pets and no children except if you have your own child car seats/booster seats.


Tada joined the ride-hailing industry by branding themselves as a competitor using a blockchain-enabled mobile application that touts zero commission for drivers.

Currently, it only provides a point-to-point service with no carpooling option. There is however, options for car booster seat available for toddlers.

Upon first impression, Tada seems to function just like a private taxi, and prices are reportedly lower than Grab’s since there isn’t any surge-pricing yet.

Other than the three companies mentioned above, there were others such as Kardi and Filo that were launched, but have either stopped or withdrawn from the market.

And if you are still a faithful user of Grab, here’s a rundown of their ever-increasing ride services:


Grab taxi - Standard taxi booking with choice of normal taxi, limousine or electric

Grab Car - Private car hire. There are also options here, including premium luxury cars and 6-seater options.

Just Grab - In a hurry and don’t mind taking car or taxi? JustGrab allows you to be matched to the nearest riding option, either a private hire car or taxi at a fixed fare rate.

Grab Hitch - Grab hitch works a little bit like hitch-hiking. Essentially, you try to get a ride on someone who is driving in the same direction.

Grab Share - Different from Grab Hitch, Grab Share is driven by commercial Grab drivers. You might be matched with other riders anytime during your trip, so use this only if you are not in a rush.

Grab Family - Grab Family is an on-demand ride hailing service equipped with special seats for children aged 1–7 years old, below 1.35 metres in height. If you didn’t know yet, The Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore requires that children below the height of 1.35m must be secured with an appropriate restraint device while riding in private vehicles for hire.

Grab family provides 2 types of riding services, one for kids aged 1-3 years old below 1 metre in height, and another for kids 4-7 years. The first service comes with a IMMI Go car seat, whereas the other offers a mifold Car Booster Seat suitable for children with height: 1.0–1.35 metres and weighing between 15–36 kilograms

Grab Pet - a specialised on-demand service, GrabPet rides come with added insurance for all pets onboard, and a fur-friendly seat cover for your pet. Driver partners are also specially trained to handle animals and transport them in a comfortable manner. As this is considered a premium service, the rides start from $14.

Am I insured when I ride in a private car hire?

Yes, all private car owners here who want to use their car for hire will need to convert their vehicle to the Z10/Z11 category and apply for a Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence. They will also need to cover their car under a commercial insurance policy.

For carpooling services like GrabHitch, there’s no need for a commercial policy. These are classified under Section 142 of the Road Traffic Act. In the event of an unfortunate accident during a carpool ride, you will be covered under the private car insurance. Contact us to find out more!