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The international sporting competition in Brazil this year is an exciting time for Team Singapore with 25 athletes in seven sports representing the country. Clearly, Singaporeans have a lot to look forward to in the games.

If you are planning on supporting the Singaporean team or you want to attend the other sporting activities, we have compiled a list of things you should know.

Here are the important dates (Rio de Janeiro Time) to keep in mind for Team Singapore: (Important Note: Rio de Janeiro is 11 hours behind of Singapore.)

  • Opening Ceremony (5 August 2016)
    One of the most awaited events in the games is the Opening Ceremony. Aside from the parade of participants, it is also lavish celebration of the world’s best athletes. With a show from the best performers of the host country, it is certainly one show you wouldn’t want to miss.
  • Athletics – Marathon (14 August 2016)
    Singaporean Representative: Neo Jie Shi & Timothee Yap
  • Badminton (11-20 August 2016)
    Singaporean Representatives: Derek Wong Zi Liang & Liang Xiao Yu
  • Rowing (6-13 August 2016)
    Singaporean Representative: Saiyidah Aisyah Binte Mohamed Raffa’ee
  • Sailing (8-18 August 2016)
    Singaporean Representatives: Elizabeth Yin Yue Ling, Justin Liu Xia Man, Denise Lim Ke Xin, Jovina Choo Bei Fen, Amanda Ng Kai Ling, Griselda Khng, Sara Tan Li Ching, Leonard Ong
  • Shooting (6-14 August 2016)
    Singaporean Representatives: Jasmine Ser Xiang Wei & Teo Shun Xie
  • Swimming (6-13 August 2016)
    Singaporean Representatives: Joseph Isaac Schooling & Quah Zheng Wen
  • Table Tennis (6-17 August 2016)
    Singaporean Representatives: Chen Feng, Gao Ning, Feng Tian Wei, Yu Meng Yu, Zhou Yi
  • Closing Ceremony (21 August 2016)
    All of the events culminate in the closing ceremony. It is the perfect way to end and celebrate the games with performances and fireworks.

Getting Around

Brazil has significantly improved its local transportation system to accommodate all the tourists for the Olympic Games. Tourists can take taxi cabs, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), LRT (Light Rail Transit), and the extensive rail network in Rio de Janeiro. Since a majority of Brazilians don’t speak English, it is advisable to stick to tourist areas if you don’t want to get lost.


  • You might have a hard time exchanging Brazilian Real to Singaporean Dollars and vice-versa. It is best to have your SGD exchanged to USD or Euros while in the country to have an easier time exchanging them when you arrive in Brazil.
  • Public transport will get crowded before and after the sporting events. It is advisable to avoid wearing expensive jewellery and watches to prevent robberies. Displaying money in public should also be avoided as much as possible.
  • In case of emergencies, it pays to have travel insurance in a foreign country. With the high rate of theft and armed robbery on tourists, it is better to be protected so buy travel insurance in Singapore.
  • To learn more about the games and sport schedules or purchase tickets to the events, be sure to check out the official website here.

If you can’t make it to Rio de Janeiro in time for the games, there are ways you can show your support for Team Singapore at home. There are numerous sports bars in the country open to accommodate the fans who want to watch the games live. Do note that Rio de Janeiro is 11 hours behind Singapore. This means most of the games will be in the wee hours of the morning. Along with your comprehensive car insurance, it is important to remain alert when driving during the wee hours of the morning as sleep deprived motorists can be as dangerous as drink drivers.

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