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It Pays To Be Kiasu When It Comes To Your Travel Insurance!

Avoid a holiday disaster and don't leave your travel insurance to the last minute. Buy as soon as you've booked your trip.

While most of us assume that travel insurance starts from the moment we jet off we should think again. Things can go wrong in the time between booking and setting off on your travels. For instance bereavement, illness, or even a job loss can all put a sudden stop to holiday plans. Therefore, taking out a policy early could potentially save thousands and offer you peace of mind.

It Pays To Be Kiasu When It Comes To Your Travel Insurance!

Don't Delay

It won’t cost you any more to buy travel insurance when you book your holiday so you’re not making a saving if you buy late. As long as you’ve checked the small print and ensured cancellation is included in your cover, you will be protected from the minute you buy.

Do check what you're covered for as travel insurance policies can vary considerably. For example, you sustain an injury before your skiing trip and you need to cancel the holiday. Make sure your policy covers you for such cancellations. It really does pay to plan for the unexpected and to do your homework, otherwise you could end up losing thousands.

What If My Holiday Firm Goes Bust?

Again, as you’re counting down to your holiday things can go wrong. Your holiday has been disrupted or cancelled because of issues with your travel company. Does your travel insurance cover such cancellations?

The past few years have seen a number of holiday companies and airlines going bust, leaving families stranded miles from home or losing their holiday and their money. Check whether your policy includes such cancellations.

Catastrophe Cover

No one can control the elements. A natural disaster such as a tsunami or hurricane strikes in your holiday destination days before you are due to travel. Clearly, you would not be able to go and your holiday would be cancelled.

Make sure your policy is fully comprehensive and protects you against disasters such as these.

Choose Wisely

When comparing travel insurance policies, the best advice is to take some time to work out exactly what level of cover you need and don’t let a couple of dollars now mean you are left under-insured when it really counts.

And don't leave it until the last minute, booking in advance won't cost you any more, yet you'll be thankful if the unexpected happens and your holiday has to be cancelled.