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Travel Insurance: Single Trip vs. Annual Plan - DirectAsia


Singaporeans love to travel. According to Singapore’s Department of Statistics, over 9 million overseas trips (air & sea) were made by Singaporean citizens in 2015. With a citizen population of close to 3.4 million, that is a lot of travelling.  This statistic makes travel insurance a very useful necessity for Singaporeans.

Should anything go wrong during your trip, you can be assured that you will be covered from any travel inconveniences such as flight delays, cancellations, medical emergencies and more. There are two basic types of travel insurance plans – single and annual trips. In this blog post, we will help you determine what type of insurance plan suits your travel lifestyle.

Single Trip Insurance Plan

Single trip travel insurance plans are intended for individuals, groups, and families who need travel coverage for a single trip or holiday. Below is a list of pros and cons to see whether or not this fits your travel lifestyle.


  • Suitable for a long trip abroad – DirectAsia’s single trip plan covers the policy holder for 182 days.
  • Cost-effective for those who don’t travel often because you only pay for a single trip. Single trip rates start at $19.
  • Easily buy travel insurance online before your trip.


  • You will need a new insurance policy every time you travel overseas.
  • Expensive if your trips are short or you travel often.

Annual Trips Insurance Plan

Annual trip insurance (or multi-trip travel insurance) is intended for those who travel several times in a year. The best annual travel insurance in Singapore can help you save money. Here are some of the pros and cons of choosing this type of insurance:


  • More affordable travel insurance with multiple trips overseas.
  • You won’t have to get an insurance policy before every trip for a year.
  • Frequent flyers also get to save up to 40% on this type of travel insurance (as compared to multiple single trip policies per year).
  • Ideal for those who travel for a long weekend or short getaways abroad.
  • 12-month travel coverage.


  • Costs more if you don’t travel enough.
  • Not ideal for those who stay more than 90 days in an overseas destination.

By choosing your travel insurance wisely, you can get the policy that suits you best and you get to save money in the process.  But it isn’t the only way you can get the cheapest travel insurance. If you plan to travel with a group of friends or a family of three, you can save on your insurance policy by getting group travel insurance with a 10% discount. For bigger families (up to four children), you can also enjoy a special rate with family travel insurance. You can also customise your insurance plan based on the countries you visit. Policy holders can choose from a worldwide plan or an Asian zone plan. This allows travellers who only travel within the Asia & Pacific region to get significant savings.

With our customisable travel insurance plans, travellers can expect to get huge savings. Get a direct quote now. Choose the plan you want. Pay the way you want. You are insured!