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5 Fuel-Efficient Driving Habits You Should Know

5 fuel efficient driving habits

Cars provide its owners the luxury of convenience and time especially for the urban dwellers of Singapore. However, cars nowadays do not really come cheap. Aside from the usual instalment payments and routine services, and taxes, car owners also have to think about payments for their car insurance, unexpected repairs, parking and, of course, the cost of petrol.

That is why more and more car owners are looking into how to they can cut down on their everyday petrol costs and it does not necessarily mean that you have to skimp on your preferred petrol. Below are five habits to pick up if you want your everyday drive to be more fuel efficient.

Plan Your Trips Ahead

Most people take planning ahead for granted. However, it is one sure way to keep your petrol cost low. A car’s engine uses more petrol when it starts cold, so small trips instead of one big trip only end up costing you more. Instead of rushing out and making small trips throughout the day, plan your route and take one trip where pickups and errands can go together. In addition, check the time and try to avoid the rush hour traffic. Being stuck in a traffic jam means you consume more petrol by braking and accelerating. Plan your trips ahead and know the best times to hit the road.

Check for Excessive Weight

At times, people often forget to bring out heavy items from the trunk, thinking that their car can also double as a storage space. However, this actually adds to your everyday fuel consumption. This is because the more weight your car has, the more fuel it needs to consume to move it around. Next time you are to hit the road, check your trunk and remove unnecessary items that might contribute to your car’s weight.

Be Aware of Drag

Cars are not only meant to look sleek, but they’re also designed to reduce aerodynamic drag. Drag, or also known as wind resistance, lowers a car’s fuel economy. Drag occurs when you keep windows down or sunroof open while continuously picking up speed on the highway, so it would be best to keep your windows rolled up at all times. In addition, if your car has a luggage carrier on the roof, it would be best to remove it when it is not needed.

Check Your Tyres Regularly

Ideally, car owners check their tyre pressure every other week and if possible, every time they are at the gas station. Sadly, not everyone makes a habit of checking their tyre pressure, forcing the car to consume more petrol just to continue its journey. Make a habit of taking a few minutes off your weekly schedule and check your tyres. Ideal pressure for your tyres can be usually found in the lock inside the driver’s door.

Observe the Speed Limit

Aside from it being safer, observing the speed limit also allows the driver to save on petrol. Though it might be tempting to bump up the speed to arrive earlier than expected in your chosen destination, but this would also mean consuming more petrol as mileage decreases at speeds above 50 mph or 80 kmh. Exercising these driving techniques not only saves you hundreds of dollars, but it would also prevent unnecessary wear on your vehicle and reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.  Aside from these driving habits, make sure to regularly take your vehicle for routine maintenance to maximise your vehicle’s fuel economy.

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