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If you’ve been to the Internet lately (who hasn’t?), you must’ve seen a few “Like a Boss” memes going around. It is basically a catchphrase that has been popular on social media and used as a hashtag for posts related to completing an action with authority and finesse. You, for example, could drive like a boss (excellent driver), sell like a boss (superstar salesman) or eat roti prata like a boss (you get the drift).

But in things that matter a lot like your career, how do you go about it Like a Boss? How can you drive your career so well that promotion, recognition and job satisfaction can be achieved hand in hand? Channeling our core Singaporean quirks and habits, here are a few things you should do.

We like to take photo of our food before eating, why not…

…also develop a habit to take notes before doing. Any task assigned by your superior can be done excellently if you have a good understanding of the objectives and key performance metrics. And that can be achieved through a simple act of taking notes. Oftentimes, tasks are done just for the sake of doing without complete understanding of the “why”. Stand out from your peers by being clear with your goals and achieving it smartly. No boss forgets a job well done.

We like to punctuate our sentences with “Lah!”, why not…

…also develop the habit of ending your meetings with “Any questions?”. By asking this simple question, you instantly achieve 3 things: 1) it gives the impression that you’re in control of the discussion; 2) it communicates that you are ready to provide clarity to those who need it and; 3) it brings out possible issues early on, which buys you some time to respond appropriately. Any questions?

We like to take selfies, why not…

…extend this social trait to the corporate realm and improve your personal branding. By doing things like having a well-written LinkedIn profile, uploading a professional-looking photo of yourself in your company intranet and sharing articles related to business, innovation and productivity with your boss and peers, you elevate your profile and makes you a serious contender for that coveted leadership position.

We like to be first in many things, why not…

…nurture this attitude and throw away the idea of “good enough” in your dealings with your service providers. If you have a regular supplier, make it a habit to ask them for any value add available for that time period. Even in your personal affairs, don’t get stuck with a bad deal. For example,

 if you own a car and your car insurance is up for renewal, be more active in ensuring that you get customisable policies (which means more savings) and personalised claims support from your insurance provider. Don’t just automatically renew your car insurance without checking on these things. Remember, being first is not a goal, it’s a mindset. Apply it in every aspect of your life and you will get ahead in no time.

We like to eat out a lot, why not…

…eat out with different sets of colleagues every now and then. Building your know-how is as important as building your network if you want your career to flourish. Instead of going out for lunch with the same set of friends everyday, try to mingle around and meet new people. If possible, establish rapport with key directors and decision-makers within the organization through the power of lunch. The lessons and experiences they can impart to you will be invaluable for your career.

Do you know of other quirks and habits that you could use to turn your career around? Sound off in the comments section below.

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