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How To Maintain Your Motorcycle While You Stay Home? | DirectAsia

Fri, 06/05/2020 - 14:15

Being stuck at home is not just a trying time for us but it can also be hard on our unused vehicles that remain stationary in their parking lots. Motorcycles are no exception and without proper maintenance, you may find your bikes facing performance issues when you’re ready to hit the road again. This period has given us some downtime for an opportunity to take responsibility in ensuring our bikes are in their best shapes.

All you have to do is perform simple maintenance checks to make sure the crucial parts of your motorcycle are in working order!  This also helps you keep track of which parts require immediate attention once normalcy resumes. If you’re unsure of how you can care for your bike, keep reading to find some useful tips that’ll so that your two-wheeler will be primed for your next ride!

1.   Check Tyre Pressure

As with all vehicles, tyres on a motorcycle are susceptible to flat spots, which are visibly worn out parts of the tyre that usually occur in areas that are in contact with the road. It is good practice to check your tyre pressure as well as to conduct a thorough inspection to make sure there are no holes or cracks due to wear and tear, which could result in a possible puncture. 

To prevent the occurrence of flat tyres, simply rotate your tyres weekly, so that the weight of the motorcycle is distributed to different parts of the tyre. Also, you should check the pressure regularly with a pressure gauge, to make sure that your tyres are in ideal conditions for your next ride. If you do not own a pressure gauge, simply use your hands to check if the tyres are firm enough.

2.   Inspect The Sprockets And Chain

If your bike is not going to be ridden for a long time, it is absolutely important that you perform visual checks to ensure that the motorcycle chain and sprockets are not rusty or loose. Since the chain and the sprockets of the bike work together in tandem, they tend to wear together as well. Hence, if the sprocket teeth are showing signs of wear and tear, we suggest that you replace the chain and sprockets together.

Meanwhile, scrutinising and cleaning your motorcycle chain as well as the teeth of the sprocket will ensure that they have the right amount of tension in the chain, as too much tension will cause problems with the wheels. An additional tip would be to oil the motorcycle chain to keep the chains well lubricated and prevent grime and rust from accumulating.

3.   Keep Your Engine Lubricated

Similar to how a car functions, when a motorcycle remains idle for a long time, the car battery has the tendency to lose its charge. With regular use of your bike, this gives your bike’s battery the exercise it needs to keep it running. With reduced usage, your motorcycle’s battery can be drained as certain electrical systems in your bike are still functioning even when you’re not riding.

The best way to prevent your battery from discharging would be to unplug it completely so that you can preserve the charge, in this period of inactivity. However, if you’re unable to do so, we’d suggest that you start your motorbike engine once every few days to keep your engine well lubricated and give your batteries the exercise they need.

4.   Check Your Braking Systems

It is also important to ensure that other parts of your motorbike such as the clutch cables and brake pedals get the lubrication that they need. Your clutch cables will be able to last longer and your gear change and brake lever pins will be able to function to their maximum capacity when well lubricated -- making your rides smoother and more comfortable.

As mentioned earlier, starting your bike once every few days will allow you to keep these parts of the bike lubricated. Do also note that the brake fluid in your brake reservoir might have depleted over time and it’s important to check these levels so that your braking system is not compromised.

Simply check your brake pressure by pushing your bike a short distance in the car park while applying some pressure on the brake lever as well the pedal -- all without starting your engine. If your bike does not seem to brake properly, you might check on your brake fluids before you get back on the roads.

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