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Does Travel Insurance Cover Protest or Riots? Find out here - DirectAsia


We had a great question come through on the blog last week. 

“I would like to know more about travel insurance with regard to the protest in Hong Kong, thanks Aik”

This is understandably on the minds of Singaporeans lately with prolonged protests in Hong Kong and the recently finished ones in Thailand. Thankfully our region usually stays passive these days, but there have been times in the past when the peaceful protests quickly elevated into violence.

Advance Notice

In general, if you activate a travel insurance after the advisory is out for certain events (i.e. the recent protest in HK) any claims that is related to that particular event will not be covered. You would still be covered against other travel dangers such as medical emergencies, lost baggage, etc…but would not be covered against any travel issues experienced due to the protest.

The Unexpected Occurs

However if you bought the travel insurance before any announced advisory, then full cover is provided. So if you booked your travel insurance policy prior to any posted advisory and are on the trip and something happens…you will be covered to leave, etc as necessary.

Check with the MFA

When in doubt, check with the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If they have issued a travel advisory or restricted travel already, then that cannot be covered. If you booked your travel insurance prior to anything happening in the country though, you would be covered. MFA Travel Notices Here 

Please Ask Us

If you have any questions about your travel insurance policy or upcoming trip cover please give us a call on 666 55555 and we’ll be happy to walk you through your policy.

We wish you all safe and enjoyable travels!

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