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7 Essential Mobile Apps for Stress-free Travel - DirectAsia


Travelling has gotten so much easier since the rise of smartphones. Through useful travel phone applications, we are able to find our way around a foreign city, communicate with the locals, and book flight tickets and hotel rooms all in the palm of our hand. Aside from your family travel insurance, these travel apps are the ideal safeguard for a stress-free trip. If you aren’t a convert yet, it’s time to download these apps before you jump on the plane the next time!

1. Currency Conversion – XE Currency

After so many years, XE Currency still ranks as one of the best apps to provide you with straightforward information on currency exchange. With the XE Currency app, you will have access to live currency exchange rates perfect for converting currency on the go. Plus, you will also be able to calculate prices in app.

Available in: Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows.

2. Itinerary Planning – Google Trips

The first time I used Google trips,  I was awed. If you are using Gmail, the app links up with your Gmail account and downloads all relevant information, including flight and hotel bookings. It also suggests places you can visit in the country you are visiting and allows you to easily plan your itinerary! Scroll through local favourites, recommended places for you (yes it’s personalised!), restaurants suggestions and even suggested day plans. You can also store all your trip details offline so it can be useful if you do not have internet access all the time while travelling.

3. Booking the best flight deals – SkyScanner

The SkyScanner mobile app allows users to access the best flight deals available in real-time. Whether it is short notice or for a long weekend trip, SkyScanner is one of the more popular apps for finding the best flight deals, hotel accommodations, and car hire.

Available in: Android, iOS, and Amazon Apps.

4. Booking last minute accommodations – Agoda

Avoid the hassle of manually looking for accommodations. The Agoda app gives you access to over 925,000 accommodations across the world. The app includes reviews and easy-to-use search that features the best deals in your location which is perfect for a short getaway. It has also included a new section called Agoda homes which works similarly to Airbnb but without having to wait for the response of the owners. Join its free rewards programme and be rewarded with cash off your next bookings as well! What’s not to love about the app?

Available in: Android, iOS, and Windows.

5. Navigating a foreign city – Google Maps

Google Maps offers real-time navigation. The great thing about the app is that you can also access traffic updates, transit routes, as well as nearby areas of interest. This makes travelling all the more convenient. It also has an offline setting which is ideal for those with poor mobile connections. Simply download the area map when you are still connected to access it later when you are offline.

Available in: Android and iOS.

6. Removing the Language Barrier – Google Translate

Communication is one of the greatest hindrances of travel. Google Translate is an awesome application where you can interpret spoken or written foreign languages on the go. Connected to your camera you can take snapshots of signs and have it translated instantly. It has an offline feature, so it comes in handy for those without access to the internet.

Available in: Android and iOS.

7. Finding company on a solo trip - Wander

Seems like the trend of going on solo trips has been catching on. After all, everyone has different priorities in life and may not be able to take the same days off together in today’s demanding work environment. The next time you go on a solo trip, try out Wander - the travel app for singles. Simply enter your destination in the app and it’ll show you other solo travellers at the same place. Paired with the best annual travel insurance in Singapore, these essential and convenient travel apps make travelling stress-free.

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