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How to Pick the Best Motor Oil | DirectAsia


Motor oil plays an important role in ensuring that your car engine stays lubricated and cool. Over time, it collects dirt and other particles, which can significantly damage your engine. This makes finding high quality option a must.

However, you have to be smart when choosing the right fuel because there are different brands and varieties available today. Terms like "synthetic" and "conventional lubricants" only further complicate the matter. To help you pick the best one suited for your needs, here are some of the things that you should note:

Check Your Owner’s Manual

When picking out motor oil for your car, especially if it is brand new, you are faced with the choice of an oil’s viscosity.

Viscosity is the thickness of the oil, and the higher the viscosity number of the oil, the slower it flows. Thus, a lower number means it is “thinner” and thus flows faster. Do take note that it has to be right for the temperature your vehicle normally operates in.

To ensure that you have the right one, especially for new cars, check your owner’s manual for the recommended oil viscosity.

Conventional or Synthetic Motor Oil?

Next, you will have to choose between conventional and synthetic motor oils. Take note that premium conventional oil is the standard choice for new cars. Several brands carry it and most are available in different viscosities.

Meanwhile, full synthetic oils are often considered longer-lasting since it is made to improve the performance of your engine. It protects against deposits and flow better at a lower temperature. However, do take note that synthetic oils are costlier and not all engines are recommended to use it.

In addition, there are synthetic blends, which are often used for vans or SUVs. These synthetic oils are mixed with organic oil and are made to reduce oil loss. Thus, it will help decrease your car’s fuel consumption.

Check the Labels

Prior to your buying a motor oil that fits your needs, a great indicator of high quality engine oil is certification by international service requirements. These include the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Association des Constructuers Européens de l’Automobile (ACEA) – its European equivalent.

These international bodies serve to weed out any low quality or even bootleg fuels, so be sure to look out for the label!


Ultimately, your car’s engine will perform optimally if you regularly change your car’s oil. Ideally, car owners must have their oil changed every 4 months with around 5,000 kilometres covered. Luckily, most cars today are equipped with an indicator that it is time to change it.

Doing so is more important any type of fuel used. This ensures that your engine is well-lubricated and cool, so you can avoid trouble on the road.

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