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Top 5 2B Motorcycles in Singapore for any rider - DirectAsia

You’ve decided to grab life by the bars and start riding. This is your chance to take off on your own and explore the island. Finally a taste of freedom.

But what 2B motorcycle will you start with? 

Most will wrestle with this question more than the upcoming test questions. The bike you choose says something about you in a way cars don’t. You buy a car based on budget, needs and factors like whether you have kids, if you need to transport items, etc. It’s usually functional before personal. A motorcycle is for you alone. Well maybe at most one other (unless you’re in Thailand and piling 5 on a bike). Are you a sport rider, emulating Rossi? See yourself covered in leather riding with a MC? Prefer something retro to ride up to the coffee shop? Our motorcycle choices are pretty limited in Singapore due to the different class of bike license. Unless you came here with a license from another country, you’ll be starting out with Class 2B, and that means under 200CC’s. Not the powerful, knee-sliding beast of a bike most lust after. Most don’t pin pictures of 2B eligible bikes to their walls or share the pictures on Instagram. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some really fun motorcycles to start out on whatever your riding style, personal fashion or brand loyalty. Here are a few that we think top out the category for what you can buy today in Singapore for every rider type.

The Retro Rider

Vespa Singapore Any Vespa. Take your pick from the S125 for simplicity, LX150 for a more modern look or PX150 for pure retro styling. Pick any new one and you get modern reliability combined with insane gas mileage. There’s a reason these things stuck around through various fads and phases…they offer a cheap, fun ride. There is an older model you can still find used in Singapore that’ll get you the full 200CC’s the 2B allows, but honestly on these bikes the ride’s going to be fun whatever the power.  There’s also a great club to join if you really want to nerd out on vintage vibes. http://vespaclub.sg/web/

The Sport Rider 

Honda CB190R RepsolImage Credit: Unique Motor Sports Honda’s CB range of motorcycles has long been recognised as reliable bikes. Though the ones we usually notice are typically the larger bikes, the smaller CB190R is making waves in its own way. Some agents have reported a 50 percent rise in overall monthly Honda bike sales here, due solely to the CB190R. And it is easy to see why new bikers love it. Its sports bike stance with risque Italian styling makes it an instant attraction for younger riders. The bike also comes with some cool features, such as LED head and tail lights, LED winkers, LCD instrument panel and a big-bike muffler. If you want a good-looking sporty bike that is relatively affordable, the CB190R is the bike for you.

The Cruiser

Honda 200CC Phantom Honda TA200. Do you watch Sons of Anarchy? Have a love of leather? Or do you just want to cruise the streets with your arms up high soaking in the view? Well it’ll be 3 years until you can get a Harley or Bolt…so until then the choice is usually the Phantom. It’s great for riding two-up, has loads of support and still has the Honda reliability. There are tons of them around used so price isn’t an issue. In some circles you either love or hate this style of bike. When you’re starting off you shouldn’t be trying to get your knee down anyways, so just sit up, relax and take in the sites…but watch out in the wet that you

The…Well, I love Scooter Rider

Who says you can’t be cool riding a scooter in Singapore? In fact, that’s the exact allure of a Vespa isn’t it? As most Singaporean riders use a motorcycle more as a functional way to commute rather than ride the dirt roads, a scooter can be an easy-riding alternative to a motorcycle. What’s more, who wouldn’t appreciate the extra storage space under the seat? Most scooters also come with an automatic transmission, which means there’s no need to go through the hassle of changing gears. For rainy Singapore, they could be a better ride since the front half could protect your legs and shoes from water splashes. Image Credits: Yamaha Motor Singapore The Yamaha X-MAX300 is your ride if you are looking for a scooter that exudes class and confidence. As a scooter, it has enough power to make your ride easier and more enjoyable with its efficient new Blue Core engine. Its sporty bodywork gives it a dynamic look giving you a scooter ride with maximum class and functionality. Did we also mention the Yamaha X-MAX300 has also gotten the Red Dot Award Product Design 2018, it’s third design award?

The “I Want More” Bike Rider


KTM Duke 200. For too many younger riders the focus, sadly, isn’t on learning the technique that’s going to keep them riding for years…it’s on the numbers.  What’s the most bike I can get for my license? When KTM slipped the 200 into the Singapore market, those riders took immediate notice. Already it’s getting you the maximum amount of power. Plus KTM. Just looking at it you know this isn’t an Uncle bike. Well no KTM is. But that fun and power cost you in Singapore. This isn’t the cheapest bike out there. Heck there’s lust worthy upper tier bikes that’ll run you less. But if you have to have the most bike you can get on your 2B, love the extreme styling and see yourself sponsored someday by Red Bull…this is definitely your bike. Those are our picks for best 2B Motorcycles for Singapore. Any we left off? Any you desire more?

Insure your bike with us

Once you get your license and sort out your choice of motorcycle. We know you’ll get a lot of hard pressure from the shop to go with their insurance when you buy your bike, but you have no legal requirement to buy from them. So why not get a no-hassle quote from us and see if you could be saving a bit more before you head in to buy or when it’s time to renew?