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Traveling With The Kids This CNY?! - Things to Know | DirectAsia Insurance

You can still be adventurous when it comes to holidaying with your kids, just make sure you're well prepared.

Many families in Singapore are opting to travel overseas during the Chinese New Year break. Travelling around South-East Asia with young kids in tow isn’t without its challenges. But with a little forward planning it can be an enriching cultural experience like no other.  Travelling from Singapore means you don't have to endure long plane journeys either.

Travelling with Kids

There's lots of adventures to be had in the region, from staying in tribal longhouses in Sarawak to orangutan spotting in the majestic rainforests of Malaysia or cycling through the dreamy tranquil villages of Laos. Be adventurous and don't assume the kids won't adapt to new environments and challenges.

Here we've put together some useful tips on travelling with kids within the region

  • Talk to your kids about the trip before setting off, get them excited about the new experiences that await them. If they're old enough get them to pack a camera and journal so they can document their experiences.
  • Take proper precautions with your family's health. Take out a family travel insurance packages with good coverage. Get some advice from your doctor about any vaccinations that might be needed. Pack medication your kids usually have for minor ailments. Don't try any new medicines if you can help it in case your child has an allergic reaction.
  • Travel by boat, plane or train when you can and avoid the buses. Bus journeys can take a tediously long time with air-con set to max or not at all. The drivers can be speed-demons too and offer few toilet stops for the kids. If you are driving yourself and you're travelling long distances then consider a portable DVD player or laptop to keep the kids busy with their favourite program or cartoons.
  • Pack a few of your kids's favourite toys, books and games; add in one or two new toys to excite them. Don't pull them out all at once though, have some handy for emergencies.
  • Pack snacks like biscuits, bread, dried fruits etc to fill their hunger during the trip. Avoid messy food like cream cheese dips types of snacks. Always have water bottles at the ready.
  • Pack lots of wet-wipes and anti-septic hand sprays. They are handy for cleaning up messy faces and dirty fingers.
  • As much as you love being with your little ones 24/7 it's important to get a bit of a break when you can. Either opt for childcare at the hotel/resort or take it in turns to go off and indulge in more individual activities such as scuba-diving or climbing.

Checking-in and on the plane

  • Check-in in advance to make sure all the family are sitting together.
  • Let your kids suck on a sweet during takeoff and landing to alleviate any pressure in the ear.
  • Take extra clothes for the kids. They usually end up spilling something on themselves on a confined plane.
  • Finally, plan your itinerary loosely and enjoy your hoilday with your kids. Vacation is about having fun as a family and not rushing from one point to another. Happy holidays and Gong  Xi Fa Cai!