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5 Useful Car Maintenance Tips from Formula 1


Apart from being expensive, F1 cars are one of the most advanced vehicles in the planet. Designed and engineered with speed and safety in mind, these race cars are maintained with the upmost importance. Maintenance standards throughout Formula 1 ensure that their cars have a very tiny margin for damage despite gruelling laps around the race circuit. Normal vehicles might not go through the same strain as Formula 1 cars but we can learn a lot about how they keep their vehicles in excellent condition. In this article, DirectAsia Insurance will walk you through some car maintenance tips you can do to ensure that your car is in top proper form.

1. Inspect Engine.


Before any race, F1 car engines go through stringent checks. This allows the race crews to notice if there are issues in the engine. Early detection enables race crews to make repairs to the engine to avoid further damage on the track. Because normal road vehicles don’t go through the same wear and tear of race cars, engine maintenance schedules are only required annually. Trusted professionals and mechanics have the proper knowhow to examine and repair your engines.

2. Proper Tyre Care.


Aside from the engine, tyres take extensive damage on the road. Before every race, Formula 1 teams check wheels thoroughly to guarantee that each tyre has the right amount of pressure. Because it has direct contact to the track, the right tyre pressure ensures that the wheels last longer during each lap. If an F1 driver makes a pit stop, this is one of the things the pit crew checks for. This maintenance tip is very important for regular car owners too. It is an effective preventative tip that makes your wheels more durable.

3. Check Suspension.


Suspension is another important factor F1 pit crews focus on. Car suspension harnesses the power of the engine, the grip of the tyres, and the handling of the vehicle. With all these elements coming together, ensuring that the suspension system is working properly is a very critical maintenance step that F1 crews shouldn’t miss. Despite differences in the suspension systems of F1 and road automobiles, the quality of the suspension system is crucial in both vehicles. Since road vehicle’s suspension system gives the driver control of the vehicle, suspension parts must be in good condition. Despite keeping up with normal car maintenance schedules, make sure you have your suspension checked if you notice anything amiss when it comes to the handling and stability of your vehicle.

4. Change Worn Out Brakes.


Brakes are another crucial component in F1 race cars. It has to be efficient and immediate since Formula 1 drivers go at incredible speeds. With multiple laps, F1 cars’ brake pads get worn out easily which can affect the performance of the vehicle. As such, pit crews often change brake pads on each pit stop. Much like F1 vehicles, road vehicles also wear out brake pads over time. This can cause serious accidents if unattended to. Make sure to have your brake pads checked annually by a qualified workshop if you don’t want to make a preventable claim on your motor insurance in Singapore.

5. Clean Debris from Radiator.


F1 cars go extremely fast and, as such, the radiator filters catch a lot of debris on the track. Collected debris can significantly reduce an F1 car’s radiator to work efficiently. This is why after every pit stop most mechanics will change out the filters. Although at a much slower pace, a road car will also gather debris with regular use, especially in Singapore where haze is an issue. Ensure that your radiator filters are cleaned regularly.

It just goes to show that you don’t need an entire pit crew in order to keep your car in peak running condition. Unmaintained engines and parts could cause you to get into a serious accident. Aside from these tips, make sure you get comprehensive car insurance in Singapore to feel more confident on the road. Your vehicle might not go through the same constraints as F1 race cars but with these maintenance tips in mind, you can avoid making irreparable damage to your vehicle. Plus, you have more than a couple of seconds to do these tips.

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