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Affordable Romantic Getaways for couples | DirectAsia


Whether you are looking to celebrate your first year together, a wedding anniversary or even 20 years of knowing your partner, a romantic getaway don’t always have to cost you thousands of dollars. Here, we feature 5 special selections which guarantee some quiet time together to reconnect, without breaking the bank.


Bali is over-rated, and just a little too crowded if you ask us. Lombok, however, makes a good choice if you are looking for a location in Indonesia that’s slightly less touristy. You’ll still find delectable Indonesian food, not to mention beautiful pink-hued sunset sky, raw landscape, as well as the mighty Rinjani volcano.


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The white sand beaches of Gili is also within a short ferry ride away. For couples looking for an adventure, climbing Mount Rinjani is definitely something you’ll want to look into. But be warned -you do need to be physically fit to do that, and it would certainly be wise to get comprehensive insurance coverage for your climb.

2. Batam/Bintan

Short on time but don’t want to choose a staycation instead? Bintan is always a good choice - just a short ferry ride away and you are out of Singapore! And in recent years, new development in Batam/Bintan means you’ve got more choice of luxury getaways now. For a more luxurious stay, Montigo resort in Batam presents the perfect getaway and quiet time to connect with your partner.

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For a more alternative experience, head to The Canopi resort for some glamping. Before you balk at the idea of getting your partner to sleep in a tent, you’d need to know that this is unlike the camping experience you’ve had in scout camp. Over at the Canopi Resort, expect spacious safari-themed tents with en-suite toilet, a private garden, 4-poster bed and most importantly, air-conditioning and WiFi. Within the resort, there is also a saltwater Crystal Lagoon and plenty of other recreational activities you can indulge in.

3.  Langkawi

Just a short flight of one and a half hours away, Langkawi is often neglected as a beach destination of choice near Singapore. In fact, the Jewel of Kedah features a number of interesting activities for a small island. You can of course choose to simply sunbath on the beach all day and sip on a cocktail, but there are also waterfalls to visit, night markets to explore and even ride a cable car.

4. Tioman

A snorkeler’s paradise, Tioman provides a laidback charm that is hard to find in some of the more easily-accessible islands around Singapore. Most people get to Tioman by coach from Singapore. If you prefer watching the fishes, riding the bike and watching the sunset, laying on the beach and reading a book as compared to shopping in a mall, then Tioman is the place for you.

5. Hua Hin, Thailand

Unlike some of the other beach destinations in Thailand, Hua Hin is decidedly in a class of its own. The resort city of Hua Hin has been popular with Thai royalty since the 1920s, and we think if it’s fit for royalty, it’d be fit for you too! Expect nice long stretches of clean beaches, great food and of course, night market with all sorts of goodies to buy.

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To match up to its status, Hua Hin even offers the beautiful Hua Hin Hills Vineyard for an afternoon of wine tasting if you wish. If you’re looking for relaxing weekend getaway in Thailand without the usual sleazy fare, Hua Hin should be on your list.

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