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SG car choice - 4 Most fuel-efficient SUVs for city driving

Have you always thought that going big means spending more? That choosing the space and comfort of an SUV means giving up the nimbleness and efficiency of a small car? While sedans do tend to guzzle less gas than their larger counterparts, technological developments now allow you to purchase an SUV—plus all that cargo space—without burning cash on fuel.

Of course, there are other things you can do to save on fuel, like knowing how to properly maintain a car and learning how to drive efficiently around the city. But if you want to take fuel efficiency to the next level without sacrificing the occasional road trip or cramping your family into a tight space, you can check out these SUVs. We’ve listed down options for different budgets.

Toyota C-HR (S$ 99,988)

Toyota C-HR

If you are looking for Japanese efficiency in cars, look no further than the Toyota C-HR. While other markets in Asia get to have hybrid options of the model, the Singapore market has the Toyota C-HR 1.2 turbo engine.

This stylish crossover SUV is for small families who have no need for bulky full-sized SUVs. The C-HR features a stylish coupe-like body, which is designed aerodynamically and fluidly to reduce the drag of the vehicle during high speeds. Less drag means less burning fuel used for your car to cut through the air.

The car is also equipped with a seven-speed CVT transmission for a smooth response that will help you maximize its efficiency. Maybe this is the next family vehicle you need in your garage?

Subaru Forester (S$127,800)

Subaru Forester

Sometimes being fuel efficient depends on the driver. Admittedly, you’ll burn more gas if you are unconfident behind the wheel, as there will be more unnecessary braking and reluctant acceleration from time to time.

If you want an SUV that you’ll have confidence getting into, maybe the Subaru Forester is more your cup of tea? It comes with asymmetrical all-wheel-drive and Subaru’s boxer engine that is designed to keep the car balanced and stable.

The Forester is one of—if not the—biggest cars on this list. If space is your priority, you can’t go wrong with going with this Subaru. If you’re aiming for both space and efficiency, there’s no better car than one with the most responsive handling.

Besides, the Subaru brand is quite popular in car rallies around the world. Surely it has trickled down its high-performance driving technology to its mass-produced cars, right?

Jaguar E-Pace (S$ 182,999)

Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar is one of the classic marques that are the epitome of luxury and sports, and a brand you may never have never imagined entering the SUV segment. Good thing that they did. The E-Pace promises the thrill of driving a Jaguar without letting go of the SUV practicality.

The E-Pace’s engine is equipped with Stop/Start technology that will help you save fuel while driving in the busy streets. In any case, what’s the use of an idling engine when you’re stuck in city gridlock? It also has a smart regenerative charging technology that harvests kinetic energy while braking to charge the battery for maximum economy.

Lexus UX (Price to be announced)

Lexus UX

If you’re looking to splurge a bit, then maybe the luxurious Lexus UX is for you. It’s the newest in the bunch and packs the most safety tech—but will do so for a hefty price, of course. The luxury crossover SUV comes equipped with a 2.0-litre gasoline engine (and in other markets, a hybrid version) matted to a CVT.

The UX’s emission rating has been certified as ultra-low, so not only are you getting a “smart” car, you’re also helping the environment. The UX is targeted at drivers who need a practical car for a brood of five but don’t want to sacrifice the driving performance of a sports car.

Much like the Jaguar E-Pace, the Lexus UX boasts a driver-inspired cockpit. These cars are for people who, though they can afford to be ferried around the urban metro as a passenger, enjoy getting behind the wheel themselves.

Taking care of your ride

Aside from purchasing the right car for your family’s needs, it’s important that you take good care of your ride so that it will save you gas money in the long run. Be sure to maintain it, drive it, and have it protected.

Just like knowing which car meets your needs, knowing the perfect package coverage or a customized plan will save you the hassle in the future. You’ll be driving confidently knowing that you, your passengers, and your car are all protected. Check out DirectAsia's car insurance plans and see which one fits your needs when you purchase an SUV with the most bang for the buck.