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7 Travel Destinations Ideal for Expat Family Trips from Singapore

Expats living in Singapore often find that one of the advantages of living here is that it provides a great base for exploring neighbouring countries. With a large number of budget flights available, taking a long weekend trip does not take up substantial travel time and is cheap enough to not hurt the pocket.

While travelling on your own can be easy and carefree, taking trips with the family often requires more extensive planning. But having kids does not mean you are limited to amusement parks and staying put in a resort; there are plenty of choices around Singapore within 3 hours’ flight time. We’ve put together a list of 7 lovely choices that will surely delight everyone in the family for a convenient long weekend trip.

1. Telunas Island

Telunas is a private island located just about three hours from Singapore in Indonesia’s Riau Islands. It’s the perfect place for a lazy weekend to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Telunas offers 2 options- a stay on the private island or the more economical accommodation at their beach resort. It provides some laid-back fun for those who just want to stay in, laze by the beach or even beach activities such as stand-up paddling and kayaking for the active ones.

2. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Singaporeans love to go to Bangkok for a weekend of shopping and having some spicy good food, but the vibrant city for not be the best option if you are bringing young children. But Thailand is still a lovely country to visit; you just need to choose the right place. For that, Chiang Mai could be an option for a cooler weather and more countryside vibe, but still offering plenty of cool stuff to do. Kids love the elephant rides, the magnificent temples, national park and visiting the markets are activities that easily fill up the days.

3. Langkawi

Langkawi, or the jewel of Kedah, is seriously underrated as a nearby weekend getaway from Singapore. It’s probably one of the most convenient beach holidays you can fly to from Singapore. Flight time is only 1.5 hours, and you get a nice beach, good food and a number of kid-friendly activities - Zoo, bird park, marine park and a cable car ride.

4. Malacca


Are you missing the freedom of driving away for the weekend on a road trip? Malacca offers one of the best destinations for a road trip from Singapore. With smooth traffic conditions, it should take you around 3 hours to reach this historic state, and ensure that your car insurance covers you beyond Singapore! The town offers interesting things for both parents and kids alike - a walk around to experience the different culture present, including Peranakan, Indian, Malay, Sikh and Portuguese. Walking down Jonker street and checking in at one of the cafes is a must, and kids will love the Toy Museum, Oceanarium and taking a ride on the cartoon-themed trishaws!

5. Bintan

Bintan as a holiday destination was getting a little tired for those from Singapore, but recent developments are probably worth you giving it a second chance. Glamping, or glam camping, has emerged as the trendy thing to do when you go to Bintan. Called the Canopi, you get to stay in large tents who function pretty much like a hotel room, with air-conditioners and Jacuzzi no less! There are also plenty of activities to do, including wakeboarding, swimming in their blue lagoon and even ATV rides. Even those who hate the grit and grime of outdoor camping will not say not to this unique glamping experience.

6. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Never thought Hong Kong can be Kids-friendly? Well, any country with Disneyland has the potential to delight any child! Being so close to Singapore and the nearest Disneyland around, Hongkong offers you plenty to do even if you want to avoid being right in the city. There are beaches to discover, hiking trails for a trek and a trip to Lantau Island is also recommended.

7. Cameroon Island

Cameroon Island

Cameroon island is a little further to drive(takes about 5-6 hours) but because it’s a small area, you really can do with a 3-day trip. The place offers a rustic holiday with many farms to explore, some of which includes strawberry farm, tea plantation, bee farm and lavender farm. The cooling temperature at Cameroon also offers some respite from the heat in tropical Singapore.

With these options, travelling with your kids can be a breeze and short weekend getaways do not need to be a boring staycation. If you plan to visit a number of these countries with your family, remember to take up a family travel insurance plan to help you save costs! Keen to find out more about our travel insurance quotes? Click here to get your quote now.