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What Makes Singaporeans 68% Happier? Love, Music, Cars

Fri, 04/08/2016 - 01:00

The results are in. Singaporeans have a love affair with their cars.  It may be a small island, but 77% of drivers spend more than five hours each week in their vehicles – more than the amount of time spent on other well-loved pastimes such as shopping (51%), cooking (49%), seeing friends (64%) or watching TV (74%).

DirectAsia’s new survey reveals how this unique relationship brings us happiness, and the most memorable life moments we have in our cars.

Love Machine

Cars = romance for many drivers. 46% have taken a date out in their car, 22% shared a first kiss in their car, 17% have chauffeured a loved one on their wedding day. Gen-Xers are most likely to enjoy ‘making out’ in their cars – you go 36-45 year olds!

Our cars help us get lucky in love

Those Happy Memories…

Our vehicles play a part in some of our happiest memories. Those big, life-changing moments. 33% remember the drive back home with their newborn baby, or taking their grandchild out in the car for the first time.

Friends and Family

Taking a road trip with friends or family would be the number one holiday choice for 44% of Singaporean drivers surveyed. Nearly half of 46-58 year olds see car journeys as a chance to bond with passengers.

Good Vibes

65% of drivers agree that nothing beats listening to their favourite tunes in the car. Millennials are most likely to test their vocal chords, with 67% saying they like to sing out loud compared to just 23% over-55s. The most popular car upgrade? 58% invest in new speakers and sound systems.

love karaoke in the car


68% Happier

Despite the high cost of vehicles, COE prices, and Singapore’s world-class public transport system, drivers won’t give up their cars. 68% say it’s the only way to get around – with one in four even saying they couldn’t live without their car. It’s no surprise that the two biggest worries for drivers are getting into a car accident (73%) or having their car stolen (53%).

Our cars are very precious to us

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