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Top 7 features of derbi terra 125 - DirectAsia

Mon, 10/10/2016 - 17:00
In this blog post, we have collated what people are saying about Derbi Terra 125 online so that you can have a snapshot perception of this motorbike. 1. The one thing that all owners of Derbi Terra 125 seem to be proud of is its sleek look. The Derbi, produced since 2009, managed to pull off a fierce BMW R1200 look despite its slim silhouette. You might even get away with pretending that it is a 600 cc motorbike because nowhere on its body does it say that it is, in fact, just a 125cc. 2. Owners and reviewers consistently mentioned that the Derbi Terra 125 is one of the best in the 125cc category. This is good news for new riders who are planning to own bigger bikes in the future. It is touted as a great learner bike because of its excellent handling capabilities and responsive steering. 3. The Derbi runs on a single cylinder 4-stroke Motori Minarelli engine wth 6-speed transmission. While it can quickly ride off from the traffic junction ahead of cars, it may not have a lot of power. So you can expect to rev more. But the engine is known to be able to handle all that extra revving pretty well. It can cover about 270 km on a full tank of 11 litres. Extra RevvingDon't Miss: 3 Gadgets to Tech Up Your Ride 4. The Derbi Terra 125 comes with ergonomic hand guards and a high windshield that fends off the wind and rain. The seat is a comfortable saddle that stands at 850mm. This could mean that it is a perfect bike for the petite riders among us. 5. It comes with good front and rear suspensions that guarantee a smooth ride about town. The slim profile makes it good for working your way through heavy traffic. The headlights and brakes function as well as it should on any higher cc motorbikes. Overall, the Derbi is a good motorbike for touring up the Malaysian North-South Expressway. 6. The only thing that owners have lamented about is its lack of storage space. The under seat storage is minimal. Luckily the motorbike comes with a top box rack. Hence you can fit your own storage space as you deem fit for your use. So most owners don’t really see the lack of storage space as a big issue. Top box rack 7. The other thing amazing about Derbi Terra 125 is that it is just as good off the road as it is on the road, hence its name Terra. It has been described as tough, reliable and adventurous. The handling maintains well even on terrain, and with the good suspension makes the motorbike ideal for off-road riding ideal. So those on a class 2B license wanting the thrill of off-road riding may want to seriously consider owning this beauty. You May Be In Interested In: What People Are Saying About Honda CBR125 Overall, Derbi Terra 125 is an excellent bike for the beginning rider and for those who needs it for daily commuting and the occasional trail riding and, at the same time, wants to look good doing both. Orange Derbi Terra 125Looking for an adventure on your bike? Get insured first Buy your insurance direct with Direct Asia and save up to 25%. You avoid paying brokers’ commission and you get to choose the plan you want. It only takes 5 minutes and you will be on your way to your next ride.
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