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How Off-Peak Car Drivers Save Even More

Picture owning the car of your dreams. Now picture yourself fighting peak traffic to get to work on Monday morning, while shelling out for petrol, ERP, maintenance and parking charges. Not pretty.

traffic jam in chinatown

That’s why many thousands of Singaporeans are choosing to buy Off-Peak Cars. In fact there are now more than three times as many Off-Peak Cars on the road as there were a decade ago.

Off-Peak Car (OPC) owners opt to leave their car safely parked at home on weekdays, commuting to work on the MRT or bus, and then enjoy the luxury of their own transport at night and on the weekend.

Even owners of higher-end vehicles often chose to register under the OPC scheme, not necessarily because of budget constraints, but because it is smarter to do so if the car is not being used every day.

The Government’s OPC/ROPC schemes offer a new or existing car owner the option to receive substantial discounts on car registration and road tax in return for restricted use of the car. What’s more a $20 supplementary electronic day license can be easily purchased affording Off-Peak Car owners the freedom to use their vehicles during restricted hours.

Mrs Melissa Gaw, 29, a civil servant told the Straits Times that opting for an Off-Peak Car was a no-brainer for her household, she explains:

“Even with our old 'normal-use' car, we never drove to work. Given our weekend schedule, we chose an Off-Peak Car as that's when we use it the most.'

The Gaws paid $56,000 for the Renault - instead of $73,000 for one with 'normal-use' plates. In addition, they get an impressive discount on road tax annually.

The savings don’t stop there, at DirectAsia.com, we believe car insurance should reflect how you use your car and if you drive less, you should pay less for your insurance. With this in mind, we've created a unique Low Mileage Car Insurance Policy that's designed specifically for Singapore drivers who clock up no more than 8,000km per year.

off peak car drivers can save more on insurance

The low mileage insurance plan is a great way to save money if you drive an Off-Peak Car or are simply wanting to purchase low cost coverage for a second vehicle that gets used less frequently. You get all the coverage you'd usually enjoy but you pay less.

We have made also it possible for drivers who are finding that they are on the road less often, to switch to the low mileage plan and reap the benefits of a lower premium. Not only that, but if you use below 8,000 km per year you will be allowed to carry forward the balance of the unused mileage on your DirectAsia.com low mileage policy to the next year. That means you get to drive even more kilometres for less!

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