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Driver Under 30? Lower Car Insurance Rates For You


You’re not your dad, you’re the better looking side of 30 for a start. But because you are not your dad, some insurers think you drive as if you were on the set of Fast and Furious: all spinning wheels and snarly attitude. They’ve got you coasting down the PIE, oblivious to anything but the tunes blasting out of your stereo.
Hint: Good news for you (and your dad) below.

Wait, That’s Not Fair

You’re right about that. Typically, the car insurance industry doesn’t show any favours to younger drivers, especially those under the age of 30. It could be all down to that Fast and Furious nonsense. Most insurers tend to perceive that your particular group is less experienced and therefore higher risk. And yes, there are also a few particularly bad young drivers who have had high-profile accidents (think viral YouTube videos). This impacts the overall risk pool and drives car insurance premiums up for every driver under 30. They assume you are all the same.

Except we’ve bothered to do the research and we know otherwise.

Better Insurance Rates For You (Or Your Dad)

DirectAsia has conducted an extensive review of drivers under the age of 30. The results prove that currently, you are getting a raw deal. You’ll be delighted to know we are putting our money where our mouth is and LOWERING our rates for your group.

This also means that if your dad (a youthful looking 60), lists you (his much better looking 27-yr old son/daughter) as a named driver on his policy, the rates will also be better.

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