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Spoilt For Choice - Which Car Insurance Suits Me?

When it comes to the world of car insurance, it can be a maze to navigate around. Furthermore, with all the options out there, which one is best suited to your needs? DirectAsia.com offers 3 different kinds of car insurance policies that are customizable to your driving needs and lifestyle.

Need I say spoilt for choice? Here is the lowdown on what DirectAsia.com has to offer.

Choosing the right car insurance

1. Standard Car Insurance

Choose between Third-Party Only, Third-Party Fire and Theft and Comprehensive.

  • Third-Party Only: This is the most basic option and the minimum legal requirement to operate a car in Singapore. You are basically covered if you injure someone or damage their property caused by yourself in a car accident. This option also includes legal expenses coverage e.g.: lawyer fees should a claim be made against you.
  • Third-Party Fire and Theft: In addition to the basic Third-Party coverage, you are also covered against fire and theft to your car.
  • Comprehensive: This is exactly what the word says. All around, comprehensive coverage for total peace of mind. This covers repairs to your car regardless of who caused the damage including natural disasters e.g.: floods, falling trees. If your car is found irreparable or is stolen, you will be paid up to the market value of your car at the time of loss. Standard spare parts and accessories including stereos are covered against damage, loss or theft. Comprehensive coverage also covers damage to your windscreens and windows. Lastly, towing service is provided to one of DirectAsia’s approved workshops or to a workshop of your choice.

Optional Benefits/Add-ons

These optional add-ons allow you to further customize your insurance policy depending on your existing driving record, lifestyle and current medical coverage.

  • Personal Accident: You will be compensated up to the sum insured which you have selected, S$100,000, S$150,000 S$250,000 or S$500,000 for death and/or loss of sight or limbs for the driver of the car.
  • Medical Expenses: You will be compensated up to S$500 and the same amount applies to your passengers should anyone be injured in a car accident.
  • No Claim Discount Protection: If you already have a 50% No Claim Discount, you can choose this option to protect your 50% No Claim Discount.

If you opt for the Third-Party Fire and Theft or Comprehensive plans instead, you get the above optional benefits/add-ons plus the following options.

  • My Workshop: If you have your own workshop where you bring your car to, simply select this option. If not, DirectAsia has teamed up with selected approved workshops that provide a 12-month warranty on repairs.
  • 24 Hour Breakdown Assistance: You will be covered should your car breakdown and you need roadside assistance.
  • Compensation for Loss of Use: You will be compensated a daily rate of S$50 to assist with your transport costs while your car is under repair up to a maximum of 10 days per accident or up to 20 days per year.
  • Repatriation Costs: Basically, if you have an accident in Western Malaysia or Southern Thailand, you will be covered for the travel costs to get you back home safely. This is capped at S$200 per person and S$3,500 for towing your car back to Singapore.

Choosing The Right Car Insurance Policy

2. Low Mileage Car Insurance

If you are not one to hit the roads frequently or have a 2nd or 3rd car which you drive infrequently, this might be the best bet for you! If you drive your car less than 8,000km a year, you qualify for this option. This option applies to both regular motorists as well as those with an Off-Peak Car. An added bonus is that if you do not hit the 8,000km mark in the year, you get to carry forward the balance of the 'unused mileage' to the following year. How's that for 'extra' savings?

3. SOS 'High Risk'Car Insurance

If you have been at the mercy of insurance companies especially if your driving record has been less than stellar, you would definitely appreciate this last option. This option is for drivers who have multiple at-fault accidents or have made multiple claims on their insurance.

Just so you know, transferring ownership of the car to a family member in order to get the car insured negates your No-Claims Discount and you have to transfer all loans relating to the car. Therefore with this option, you do not have to deal with the hassles that come with being a 'High Risk' driver. What you get with this option is complete Comprehensive cover with a choice of optional benefits/add-ons.

What if you had an accident, yet again? By selecting this SOS ‘High Risk’ car insurance, you are agreeing to undertake a Driving Refresher Course should you decide to make a claim under this policy. This is only put in place for the safety of everyone and most importantly, ensuring that you are able to receive car insurance coverage!

best price guaranteed promise

Best Price Guaranteed

When it comes to being the most affordable auto insurer in Singapore, DirectAsia.com take it seriously! Should you find a cheaper car insurance policy elsewhere, DirectAsia.com will pay you double the difference between the cheaper policy that you find and DirectAsia’s policy premium (this only applies to the same type of policy and only to the Standard and Low Mileage Insurance policies).

Now there you have it, a lowdown on the various car insurance options that DirectAsia.com offers. What you’re waiting for? Head over to DirectAsia.com to find out more.