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What to Look for When Buying Travel Insurance Online


It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to start booking your trips online (if you haven’t already) and finding yourself some travel insurance! With so many options that you can buy travel insurance online with just a click of a mouse or tap of a finger, it can feel like you just don’t know which travel insurance company in Singapore is for you.

Buying travel insurance plans can cover you for in many ways, including personal accident, medical and travel inconveniences. Different insurance providers have plans that target specific needs of different groups of people, so finding one that suits you can take time.

The best way to figure out what works for you is to do some research online by comparing between providers and their plans. We’ve rounded up a list of things to consider before you choose where to get your travel insurance from, so keep reading to make sure you have all your bases covered!

A Guide to Comparing Travel Insurance online

Step 1: Compare General Coverage

Compare the benefits and reimbursement limits for common claims such as medical expenses, trip cancellations, flight delays and baggage theft and/or damage across different insurance providers.

Step 2: Compare Policy Premiums

Your travel expenses are dependent on how long much time you intend to be away on holiday and where you plan to go as well! Some places may be seen as riskier than others, and can cost more to insure. Travel insurance providers also offer different tiered plans that are available at varying price points.

Step 3: Check for Special Activities Coverage

More often than not, you may realise that a specific activity might need additional coverage. If you’re planning to do some adventurous sports, make sure you buy a travel insurance policy online that covers extreme sports and any equipment you may be looking to bring on your trip!

Step 4: Single Trip or Annual Plan Coverage?

If you don’t travel very frequently, buying a single trip travel insurance policy should be enough for you. If you are a traveller who prefers to go on regional or short-term holidays, a single trip insurance plan will allow you the flexibility to stay covered and not spend unnecessarily on annual plans that may not be relevant for you. However, if you find yourself travelling several times every year, buying an annual travel insurance policy would work better for you. Save yourself some time from re-applying travel insurance for every singular trip and enjoy more savings  as well!

Step 5: Individual or Family Travel Insurance Plan?

It’s important to consider who is going on the trip as there are multiple travel insurance policies to cater to different target groups. For a solo traveller, buying an individual travel insurance policy would make the best sense and you pay the lowest rates.

If you are planning to travel with your family members and have kids along for the ride, consider taking up a family travel insurance plan, for instance we offer family plans that have an additional add-on option to cover your helper as well. We offer free coverage for your children at the same payable limits as adults (a DirectAsia exclusive!) as long as 2 adults have signed up for our family travel insurance plan.

Step 6: Check If The Policy Covers Emergency Evacuation

This is applicable for trips where adventurous activities are anticipated. If you are trekking up a hill and accidentally break your leg, your travel insurance plan should cover your evacuation to a hospital. If a natural disaster strikes and you need to be evacuated from the danger area, your policy should cover this too. Be sure to confirm that your travel insurance policy provides coverage for such emergency evacuation scenarios.

Step 7: When to buy your travel insurance online?

While you can buy travel insurance right up till the day you leave for your holiday it’s best not to as this means you are short-changing yourself to be protected immediately after booking your flights and accommodation. Make sure your policy is activated before you depart for your vacation so that you and your loved ones will be protected from the moment you set off on your journey!

Buy Travel Insurance in Singapore

We at DirectAsia prioritise people over anything else. If you’re going on a holiday soon and are thinking of taking up a travel insurance policy for yourself or your loved ones, click here to find out more.