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High Risk Strategy!

Motorists who fail to declare the real identity of the main driver on their insurance policy could lose much more than a few dollars. Hoping to save on their car insurance premium, some motorists submit the name of a person with a safer driver profile than their ‘risky’ main driver when applying for insurance. This means the ‘high-risk’ driver gets to pay less for their premium but the payback will most certainly be much more than they bargained for…


High Risk young driver speeding

Imagine the following scenario:

You’ve got a great quote on your car insurance from DirectAsia.com. But wait a minute… you need to add another driver onto your policy. It’s your son, who let’s just say doesn’t have the best driving record. He’s 25 years-old and he’s had a few bumps and scrapes along the way since getting his licence 18 months ago. You have considered getting him his own car, with him as the main driver but insurance premiums quoted for him are sky high, and some companies are even refusing to insure him.

What To Do?

You try to add him onto your policy as an ‘occasional’ named young and inexperienced driver. Though the quote comes back with a few extra dollars, it is sending your blood pressure rocketing as you know you are not doing the right thing as he is actually the person driving the car most frequently - most insurers won’t even give you a quote as they don’t want to insure your son. It looks suspiciously like what is known in the insurance industry as ‘fronting’. This means that you try to add a risky driver onto your insurance, usually your son or daughter, and declare that you are the main driver when in fact it is the young driver who uses the car most frequently. Fronting is fraud and is taken a very dim view of in the insurance world. If discovered, you risk being rejected by all insurance companies, which could ultimately lead to you being made jobless if your car is necessary for work. Bottom line? It isn’t worth the risk.

So What’s The Answer?


SOS car insurance is DirectAsia.com’s policy that is specifically aimed at drivers who are considered to be ‘high-risk’. It targets those motorists whose insurance premiums are through the roof because they have a risky profile and even motorists who have been refused insurance. Included in this category would be the case of the 25-year-old son highlighted here.

Taking out SOS insurance for the young driver would be a much better and proper option than trying to add the risky driver to your own insurance policy. Why? It may be costlier in the first years or so BUT the young driver gets a second chance with driving on the road and gaining valuable experience and probably means having accident records lifted over time and being able to start afresh with a clean slate. In the future the young driver can get their own car and insurance policy, build their own No Claims’ Discount and their insurance premium will start to significantly reduce. It also means that no-one is taking the risk of becoming uninsured if ‘fronting’, whether intentional or not, is suspected. Ultimately, the young driver may be making a quick saving in the beginning by being added to someone else’ policy but in the long term it will be costlier and if fronting is implied, much riskier.


Car accident

As for those car owners who became uninsurable because other family members are the cause of accidents, they are also given a 2nd chance as our SOS car insurance premiums are tailored especially for them – they now don’t get penalized for others’ mistakes. They find they’re once again insurable and at an affordable rate!

Be Informed: Help Fight Against Fronting

Did you know?

Insurance companies reject hundreds of claims each year because some motorists fail to declare who the real main driver is. In a bid to save a couple of hundred dollars on their car insurance premium, some motorists submit the name of a person with a safer driver profile as their main driver when applying for insurance.

Younger drivers who are named as the main driver pay more premium as insurers consider them a higher risk. So for instance, some parents will declare themselves as main drivers when it’s their children who drive the car most. This practice is known as ‘fronting’ and insurance companies will reject claims in these cases.

High risk driving

At DirectAsia.com, we want to help prevent this happening by warning our customers about the seriousness of fronting. At times, motorists may not fully appreciate the risks involved of falsely declaring details about the main driver.

Saving a couple of hundred dollars on a premium, however, is a false economy for drivers who can end up paying thousands following an accident.

Be informed and don’t take the risk. Fronting is a serious matter with severe consequences. Help us to help you.