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What to Look for these in an Accessible Vehicle? | DirectAsia


Physical disabilities shouldn’t stop people from being able to move from point A to B. In Singapore, there have been great strides in empowering eligible physically disabled individuals to drive. Singapore’s Ministry of Transport have also made it easier for handicapped passengers to get around. Accessible vehicles now enable physically disabled passengers and drivers to travel independently or with very little help. In this article, DirectAsia lists down the different modifications you should look for in an accessible car.

Handicapped Drivers

Some people with disabilities (PWD) can be eligible to get back their driving privileges through the Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation Programme of the Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Along with passing this assessment and subsequent examination, disabled drivers may need the use of assistive gadgets to drive. Below is a list of common assistive devices for a more accessible vehicle:

  • Steering & Aids – These modifications enable disabled drivers with limitations on their upper body strength or movement. Some of the gadgets are as follows:
  • Right Hand Control Straight Gadget
  • Steering Control Spinner Knob
  • SC Tri-pin Steering Device
  • EC Hand Style Emergency Break
  • Left Foot Accelerator – This modification has a guard that prevents the driver from resting their right foot in the accelerator pedal.

All these gadgets have to be approved by the Land Transport Authority before drivers can use it on the road. Do check with your auto insurance in Singapore if they cover handicapped drivers. Most of these gadgets can be purchased in the Handicapped Welfare Association of Singapore.

Handicapped Passengers

There are a lot of transport modifications for people with disabilities. Whether it’s for increased mobility and safety on the road, these modifications will give handicapped individuals a more convenient way to travel. Here are some common modifications found in Singapore.

  • Ramps or Lifts – This will enable those on a wheelchair, both manual and electric, to enter the car with very little help. (The vehicle has to be high enough to provide the wheelchair passenger with ample space.)
  • Wheelchair Restraints – These are often found in specialised or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV). Wheelchair restraints keep the wheel chair securely in place to ensure safety.

These modifications help ensure that disabled drivers as well as passengers are safe on the road. There are car park label schemes for disabled drivers and passengers. This allows people with disabilities to park in accessible lots. Apart from these assistive modifications and schemes, make sure you are safe on the road with DirectAsia’s car insurance to keep your mind at ease. With accessible vehicles and more inclusive national legislations, we provide persons with disabilities enhanced accessibility and independence.

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