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Call Centres: How to Get Your Problems Solved – Quickly!

Understanding The Person On The Other End

Anyone living in the developed world – or even the developing world – will have come into contact with a call centre. They are in almost every country in the world, and the truth is they make things happen: from bank transfers to getting a refund on that mail order dress, from querying your utility bill to claiming on your insuranceCall centres make the world go round – but we don’t always think about how to make our relationships with them go smoothly. Until now! Our customer service team always there assist

Problem Solvers Extraordinary

All of us (including customer care staff at DirectAsia.com!) have called a service provider at some point needing a problem resolved urgently – perhaps we’ve been extremely upset over an incident that has caused some sort of inconvenience to our daily lives, or need some other issue addressing quickly. It is then that you hear the voice that has been tasked to resolve your concerns. Customers want things done fast, effectively and with as little inconvenience as possible – understandably so. But in our busy lives we occasionally forget one important aspect of conflict/resolution: understanding the person at the other end of the line – i.e., the person who will help you solve your problem!

What might not help the situation…

  • Losing your cool with the customer care staff member they are trying to help you after all!
  • Getting upset because of the security questions – they are in place to ensure your personal details are secure at all times. Without them, all manner of problems could result!
  • Being rude – we think you’ll agree, this seldom gets problems solved sooner!

What will surely help the situation…

  • State your case! State the facts! Organisations generally give in to reasonable requests
  • Give the person time to find the resolution – demanding an answer immediately is not always practical
  • Be reasonable with your requests (Demanding a 6 month waiver for a minor error is unlikely to work!)

Mutual Respect = Problem Solved!

Most organisations strive to make sure that their customers’ expectations are met and they remain satisfied. Certainly, at DirectAsia.com we put our customers’ needs at the very heart of what we do. If you take the time to appreciate the person on the other end of the line, it can really help to get your problem resolved. A small compliment for a job well done also goes a long way! We look forward to taking your next call – and solving your problem!