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Tips to sleep better while traveling | DirectAsia

Thu, 08/07/2014 - 16:02

Travel is an escape. A chance to unwind. Or at least it should be. 

Sometimes you have to travel for work. That kind of travel usually isn’t as fun, but if we’re smart and lucky we get to extend those trips through the weekend and explore a bit after the work part’s done.

A small group of people travel well no matter the circumstances, lodgings or travel companions. Others, the majority of travelers, are a bit more influenced by their surroundings, thrown off by changes to their routine. A common problem is difficulty sleeping on a trip.

It’s quite common. Your normal environment has changed. There’s a new bed with different sheets to lay on. You’re bombarded by new sounds from outside your carefully chosen, downtown location. Or you’ve overlooked little routines you didn’t realise you undergo nightly.

Bad sleep on a trip will ruin the escape

You’ll come home worse off than when you left. Not relaxed and refreshed. It’s actually a big reason why a lot of people don’t travel more. A few trips like this and they assume travel isn’t for them. Or that they’re too old to travel anymore.

Some Tips to Travel Better

Take note of what bothers you when you travel. Or think back to your last trip and try to recall what kept you up in bed tossing back and forth.

  • Too Noisy? – Try sleeping with ear plugs or with a white noise machine running
  • Too Bright? – Try a sleep mask
  • Pillow Uncomfortable – Travel with your own
  • Sheets too Scratchy? – Again, bring your own if you have the room (and at least you have peace of mind on who’s been on them before…)
  • Room Intangibly Uncomfortable? – Try bringing fragrances you use at home
  • Too Much Energy to Sleep? – Have you not unwound like you normally would…i.e. reading a book, watching favourite show, etc.? Bring those things with you and don’t feel bad if you want to watch a little TV on your big cultural escape

If You’ll be Traveling a Lot

Pay more attention to the routines you build before you travel. If you’ll be traveling many weekends in a row or more than once a month it’s worth adopting some of the above habits to continue at home. Go to sleep in your earplugs even at home or use a white noise machine at home as well as at the hotel. That way instead of it being a change, it’s part of the norm.

Travel with Peace of Mind

In a city like Singapore, travel is almost a necessity. The island is packed and escaping on long weekends is third to shopping and eating for Singaporeans. A lot of places surrounding us are wild and exciting, but also not nearly as safe and predictable as Singapore. That’s part of their charm. But don’t lose sleep worrying about something going wrong. Let us help with the peace of mind that should anything happen, you’ll be well protected. We’ll cover your trip so you can worry about where to eat and not about a missing baggage or a delayed flight.