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The Ultimate Singapore Travel Insurance Comparison Guide 2020


You’ve got your packing list done, and itineraries booked, but you can’t miss out on the most important part of any travel plan–your travel insurance! Whether you’re just taking a short road trip out, or planning to see some sites in far away destinations, travel insurance is something you should never leave out.

But with that said, what is travel insurance? To briefly summarise, this type of insurance covers you while you’re travelling. However, when you buy travel insurance, you need to realise that no policy is a one-size-fits-all guarantee. You need to compare the different types of coverage from separate companies to ensure your insurance covers all your needs.

Every insurance company provides customers with different options. For example, some policies offer basic coverage, while others provide a more comprehensive package, and others can offer packages to cover your whole family!

If you embark on high-risk activities, you may need a specific policy cover to ensure you have the  protection you need. There is also travel insurance with car rental cover for those who prefer to take their trips on the open road. You can even choose a plan that covers natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances! With all the options available on the market, finding your perfect travel insurance plan can feel overwhelming. So here’s our ultimate one-stop guide to comparing travel insurance in Singapore!

How to Compare Travel Insurance

Every travel insurance policy offers different forms of coverage, which makes sense considering no two trips are alike. Some travellers prefer to enjoy sightseeing or just explore some cityscapes. Others want to participate in extreme activities and experience the wilderness. No matter the itinerary of your upcoming holiday, you can buy travel insurance online that provides you with the exact coverage you need. Here’s how:

Compare Prices

Every traveller is going to have different budgets, so finding out the cost of your policy is usually the first and most important thing to assess. Every company has different price points, and you need to make sure the cost of your travel insurance policy fits within your budget.

Remember, however, that the lowest price doesn’t always equate to the least coverage. Make sure you thoroughly examine the coverage offered to ensure that you get everything you need. Getting quotes from at least three insurance companies is a smart way to compare prices and coverage options.

Understand Coverage Options

Make sure you fully understand your coverage options. While most basic travel insurance policies cover the needs of typical travel itineraries, you may need something more comprehensive, depending on what you have planned. Even if the price of a policy sounds ideal, is it the right choice for you?

You need to take into consideration many factors before you buy travel insurance. For example, what do you want to pack? If you bring along expensive sporting equipment, or electronics like computers or cameras, you should verify that your policy covers these items.

Many basic policy covers have limitations set in place, and some even exclude certain valuables. Jewellery is often not covered under standard travel policies, and you may need to purchase add-on coverage to protect your them if you choose to bring them along. After all, if you lose your luggage, you want coverage that will reimburse you for the market value of your valuables.

Travellers should also consider their destination and planned activities and make sure the activities you have planned won’t nullify your policy. If you do want to partake in activities that insurance companies consider to be high-risk, you’re going to need to purchase a plan with more specialized coverage, or pay for an add-on coverage feature, like with our customisable extreme sports add-on!

Even the location of your holiday may affect your coverage. Some destinations are not deemed safe, and you may need to inquire about purchasing a ride-on policy for complete coverage. Always check with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make sure your destination doesn’t have a travel notice in effect. Travel insurance companies do not cover trips to these areas.

Depending on the time of year, you may also consider travel insurance with natural disaster coverage. Some counties are prone to earthquakes, tsunamis, and other forces of nature. You may look into buying a policy that offers cancellation coverage in the event of a natural disaster. Other plans may cover you if an accident occurs while you’re on holiday.

Frequency of Travel

Finally, consider how often you travel. If you only go on holiday once or twice a year, it makes sense to purchase a single trip policy each time you leave. On the other hand, if you travel multiple times each year, this may become expensive and time-consuming.

Frequent travellers may benefit from a comprehensive insurance policy that covers trips for the entire year. Annual insurance policies reduce the paperwork and make buying coverage easier. However, many travel plans only include a set number of trips in a calendar year, so read the fine print before you decide to buy. While these policies may save you money, always make sure you buy enough coverage for every activity and destination you plan to visit within the year.

Taking the time to consider these factors before buying a travel insurance policy will guarantee that you get the coverage you need. Price alone shouldn’t be the determining factor when purchasing insurance. Remember to allow enough time before your departure date to buy a policy, and make sure you consider all available coverage add-ons before you make your decision.

Best Travel Insurance Companies in Singapore

Choosing the right travel insurance is a must for any Singaporean planning a trip. There are many different options available for travellers, therefore it is possible to find the best travel insurance for your needs, no matter your preferences. To make comparing your options simpler, we’ve compiled a list of the top travel insurance companies in Singapore. Knowing the specialties of each insurance company will make it easy to narrow your choices.

Direct Asia

With a 90% customer satisfaction rating, DirectAsia is one of the most popular travel insurance companies in Singapore. The company has been around for over nine years, and they have built a solid reputation for providing affordable travel insurance plans to their customers in Singapore.

They go above and beyond to provide customers with insurance policies that meet and exceed their travel needs. With DirectAsia, you can customize your plan benefits to get the most from your policy cover. 

DirectAsia offers individual, family, and group policies. With three different tiers of coverage, you’re sure to find one that fits your itinerary. For overseas medical expenses coverage, the DA150 policy offers $150,000 while  DA200 and DA500 provides $200,000 and $500,000 respectively.

Since no two travellers are alike, DirectAsia offers additional optional coverage. If you want to go on an outdoor adventure, their extreme sports and activities coverage will give you peace of mind while you get your blood pumping

During your trip, you also won’t have to worry about damaged or lost sports equipment with their add-on coverage. You can even choose to add a foreign domestic worker to a family plan for additional help and support.

DirectAsia is known for offering one of the best annual travel insurance plans on the market. If you travel frequently, this type of coverage will save you money in the long run, while also providing convenience. No matter where or when you want to go, Direct Asia has the type of coverage you need for your unique holiday.


Known for offering the cheapest single trip travel insurance, FWD is the choice for many travellers who are on a tight budget. Policies start as low as $14, and you can save more with their occasional promotional discount codes. For that low price, you get full terrorism coverage and unlimited medical evacuation/repatriation. A handy app makes it simple to file a medical claim while you’re away.

FWD provides the standard $200,000 medical and accidental death coverage. Cancellations are covered up to $7,500, while you may receive $300 for a trip delay. They also provide sports equipment protection, pet care, car rental excess, and home content add-on coverage for an additional premium. If you lose your luggage, you’ll need to provide proof of possession and care before your FWD will process your claim.


If health coverage is something you’re prioritising on your travels, Allianz’s travel insurance plans may be suited to your needs. They are known for having the best medical coverage for Singaporeans, though it does come with some extra costs.

While the standard coverage rate for medical is $200,000, Allianz offers protection up to $400,000 for their Bronze plan. Their Gold plan provides unlimited medical coverage, which is ideal if you plan on traveling overseas to a country with high medical costs, such as the United States.

Allianz has a 24-hour emergency hotline available to policyholders as well, so someone is always someone available to speak to you if you have a medical crisis. They work with a network of doctors and clinics in over 150 countries, making it easy to get medical attention.Plans start at $22 a week, making Allianz highly affordable.


MSIGoffers comprehensive travel insurance coverage with more than 50 benefit options. However, what makes them stand out from the crowd is their pre-existing condition coverage. You may be eligible for pre-existing emergency expenses granted your condition is stable and controlled.

Their standard plan offers $250,000 coverage for overseas medical expenses and $5,000 for emergency dental expenses. Maternity expenses have coverage under their elite and premier plans, up to $3,000. Plans cost about $70.50 per week, depending on the coverage tier and additional benefits.


Those looking for affordable travel insurance for ASEAN and Asia destinations may want to consider ETIQA. Their premiums start as low as $19.30 per adult. The basic coverage policy includes up to the standard $200,000 for medical expenses. It also covers loss of baggage up to $2,000 and trip cancellation up to $5,000. A 24-hour emergency hotline makes it easy to reach someone no matter where you reside in the world.

However, the affordable basic policy with ETIQA cover all outdoor leisure activities, so be sure to read through the policy carefully to determine if the policy covers whatever you’ve planned for your holiday!


Aviva is another travel insurance company known for their more affordable rates. For around $24.52 per week, you can get their Travel Lite plan. Under this basic policy, you’ll get a cover for up to $250,000 for overseas medical expenses, and another $1,000 covers vehicle rental excess or trip interruption.

Opting for the premier policy gives you unlimited coverage for medical expenses. You’ll also have coverage if you cancel your trip for any reason under this plan.

Expectant mothers should consider Aviva if they’re traveling at least 12 weeks before their delivery date as their policies cover maternity-related situations. This benefit alone will make you feel so much more at ease if you are pregnant.

What makes Aviva stand out is their loss of frequent flyer points. If you have to postpone your trip or have a flight cancellation, you don’t have to worry about losing your hard-earned points. A policy with them will repay any lost frequent flyer points at market value.


Many Singaporeans with pre-existing medical conditions choose not to travel abroad due to the uncertainty surrounding their conditions, but a travel insurance policy with NTUC will put your mind to ease. They are known for offering policies with pre-existing condition coverage, which is not very common in Singapore. Under their plan, you can get medical treatment overseas for your condition without worry. Currently, NTUC covers asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, and high blood pressure.

NTUC offers both Standard and Enhanced PreX plans. Medical expenses under their standard plan are limited to $250,000, while PreX plans cover up to $500,000. While popular leisure activities, like bungee jumping and scuba diving, are covered under their Standard policy, NTUC does not offer coverage for other extreme or professional sports.

There are also tons of promotional codes available for NTUC which will let you buy a plan starting at $22.80 a week.


Those taking an expensive trip may want more coverage to protect themselves from any potential losses, AMEX is the right choice. This type of travel insurance is made available to American Express cardholders, and premiums start at about $37 per adult for ASEAN destinations. Discounts are often available, too.

AMEX travel insurance is available in three tiers: Essential, Standard, and Superior. Overseas medical expenses have a cap at $500,000 for Essential plans and $2,000,000 for Superior policies.

Trip cancellation reimbursements are also higher than average with AMEX. With a Superior policy, your trip is covered up to $20,000, which is ideal for travellers to exotic locations. Lost luggage with the same plan has a cover of up to $8,500.

Unlike many other travel insurance companies, nearly all adventure activities are within the cover—even the ones deemed dangerous. Some activities include mountain climbing, white water rafting, and skydiving.


AIG offers reasonably priced travel insurance, starting at about $26 for one week’s worth of coverage. Because premium rates are already low, finding a discount code is rare. However, the low price also comes with a decrease in medical expenses coverage. Their basic policy only provides coverage for up to $100,000 for medical expenses, which is half of the average. Evacuation is also on the low end, with policies only covering up to $50,000. Those looking for better coverage will need to buy one of their higher-priced plans.

However, where AIG stands out is with the prompt rescue services. They take pride in being the only insurance company in Singapore that has wholly-owned global service centres in key points across the world, and they also offer a 24/7 hotline assistance.

AIG also offers travel insurance with natural disaster coverage and home emergencies as well. Even a strike at the airport on your departure date will be covered. Some extreme activities have coverage as well, but be sure to read the wordings on your policy.


AXA offers comprehensive travel insurance with rates starting from around $57 for destinations in Asia. Although these prices may seem steep in comparison to other more affordable plans, you get a decent amount of coverage. Their basic policy covers medical expenses up to $300,000, with unlimited coverage for medical evacuation.

Known for being one of the top choices for flight delay coverage, AXA offers nearly 20% more coverage for postponed flights. You receive $100 every six hours, with a maximum of $1,000 for their basic policy. Trip cancellation coverage is also higher, with basic policies covering $6,000 and premier policies covering $12,000. There is no coverage for the loss of frequent flyer miles.

Although their policies cover adventurous activities, they do exclude many extreme sports types and motorcycling as well, so do look into that before making your choice! Be sure to read your policy wording thoroughly if you plan on engaging in any high-risk activities.

HL Assurance

HL Assurance has many affordable travel insurance policies for Singaporeans. Their basic rates begin at $24.80, and it’s almost always possible to find a promotional discount to save you even more. Even with low rates, the coverage options are impressive.

When you choose HL Assurance, you’ll need to decide between their Basic, Enhanced, and Superior policies. The Enhanced plan is the most popular with travellers, and it covers medical expenses up to $250,000. Unlimited medical evacuation and repatriation are offered for all policies.

If you want travel insurance with car rental, HL Assurance is a good option as they cover car rental excess up to $750. Flight delay and diversion are also covered up to $1,000, so if you’re worried about trip cancellation, their enhanced policy provides $7,000 worth of coverage.

Great Eastern

Offering both an elite and classic travel insurance policies, Great Eastern has coverage options for every type of traveller. Premiums begin at $26, and they provide a comprehensive plan that is sure to give you peace of mind while you’re away.

Depending on the policy you select, you’ll have up to $500,000 coverage for medical expenses and up to $1,000,000 for medical evacuation and repatriation. Accidental death and disablement coverage reaches $500,000. However, if accidental death occurs on public transport, the coverage is doubled.

Additionally, Great Eastern offers 24-hour international assistance in the event of an emergency. Lost luggage has up to $5,000 coverage, and they even provide coverage in case of an overbooked flight or postponement. Automatic travel coverage extension up to 30 days is also inclusive.

Tokio Marine

If you have a trip planned much further in advance than most, Tokio Marine lets you make sure you get covered from the get go! You can buy a policy as soon as six months before your departure date, so that you’re safe from any potential cancellations or emergencies that might interfere with your plans.

Their premiums start at $36, and there is often a promotional discount available. Key coverage includes medical expenses up to $300,000, trip cancellations up to $5,000, and delays up to $1,200. If you need to cancel your trip within the designated time frame, you may be eligible for up to $15,000 coverage.

Customers can also purchase different bonus coverage with an additional fee! For instance, you can cover your golf equipment or get a waiver of rental vehicle excess. If you’re worried about credit card fraud during your trip, be sure to add on their fraud coverage for a negligible premium as well.

Budget Direct

Those with their budget as their number one priority should look into getting a policy from Budget Direct. With premiums as low as $8, their prices are some of the lowest you’ll find. The basic policy may be all you need to cover any incidents during your trip, but be aware, your coverage maximums will be lower than that of the average insurance company. Under their basic plan, you will have up to $5,000 coverage for both.

If you are a frequent traveller, you may be able to save a decent amount of money with Budget Direct as they are one of the most affordable annual travel insurance companies in Singapore, with their annual insurance policies beginning at $136 for ASEAN coverage. However, there is no coverage for cancellation or trip delay--so do keep that in mind!


ERGO offers cheap travel insurance for those who like to go on adventurous trips. Premiums begin at only $17, and you may be able to take advantage of a promotion to save you even more.

Their essential policy offers up to $200,000 medical expenses coverage. However, if you choose their Deluxe plan, you’ll get up to $1,000,000 for overseas medical expenses coverage. You’re even covered if you need follow-up treatment in Singapore after you return from your trip.

Many sports activities are covered by ERGO, including rock climbing and trekking. However, specific exclusions do apply, so be sure to read the policy documents closely. They also offer car rental excess and terrorism coverage if you’re travelling to countries where you’re going to need some extra safety assurance.

Buy Travel Insurance Online Singapore

In conclusion, traveling without proper insurance coverage is a gamble no traveller should take. You never know when you may need medical assistance while overseas, and nearly 20% of flights get delayed for one reason or another. To ensure your trip goes as planned, you need to choose the right coverage.

Direct Asia takes pride in offering customers customizable travel insurance options with very affordable premiums. We can help you pick and choose the coverage you need to enjoy every moment of your holiday. We make it easy to pick out the best travel insurance online. Get in touch with Direct Asia today to find why we’re one of the leading insurers in comprehensive travel insurance across Singapore.