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3 Latest technology for Riders to upgrade their ride

We can’t live without technology. It is influencing every aspect of our lives. Today, tech is slowing creeping into our rides, making our journey safer, smoother and hassle free. First, it was Google map that allowed us to find the most efficient route to our destination. Then came the GoPro video cameras to keep a record of our rides, just in case accident strikes. Futuristic Gyroscopic motorbike has already been prototyped. It promises a fall-free ride in any condition. But it will probably take a decade before we can own one. For now, let’s look at what practical tech we can get our hands on and put into our rides other than a GoPro camera.

1. Flashing Halogen Taillight Bulb

This bulb looks and acts like an ordinary bright taillight. The magic happens when you hit the brakes. In the four seconds that you step on the brakes and your motorbike comes to a halt, the bulb flashes quickly four times, a little slower three times, and even slower two times before it lights up as a taillight again. This happens every time you step on your brakes to warn the motorists around you of your deceleration. The bulb's digital ‘brain’ is enclosed within its structure and it fits the standard 1157 dual filament brake/taillight bulb sockets. This means that you don’t need to deal with extra fixtures to have this bulb work its magic. The bulb is currently going for USD 69.00 online.

2. Phone mount

Phone mounts may not be new to you, but it is also not easy to get in our local shops. The one commonly found are made for bicycles rather than motorcycles. We have come to rely so much on our smartphones that it is only a matter of time before it becomes an expected add-on feature on our bikes just like in cars. With the advent of Internet Of Things, it has been predicted that there will be apps that connect with our bikes to give us precise engine performance and other important readings. For now, it helps to have Google map showing the way in front of us instead of just relying on memory. (We strongly advise against mounting phones for the sake of taking calls or texting while riding. The risks are just not worth it.) Don’t Miss: The Man and His "Pimped Up" Helmets If you are looking for a phone mount, check out the Interphone Bar Mount Holder that comes in different models to fit different smartphone models. Prices start at USD 54.95. The best thing about Interphone’s holders is that they come in water resistant housings that are very sturdy and equipped with internal shock absorbers. Despite being encased, your phone will still respond to your touch. You wouldn't need to worry about your phone getting soaked in the rain or getting hit by a flying stone while you are on the move. All models are designed for easy installation and detachment. The brand also has mounts for iPad and seven-inch tablets, though it makes you wonder why anyone would want to mount a tablet during a ride.

3. Green light trigger

If you have to ride home after your shift work in the wee hours of the day when there are few cars on the road, you might face a frustration that other riders are not aware of. The green light magnetic strips at the traffic light are not picking up your bike presence. You end up waiting for some time before the green light comes on. Instead of moving back and forth on the strips to activate it, why not get the High Power Greenlight Stuff Trigger. It looks like an energy bank device. All you have to do is attached it to your motorbike. When you come to a traffic junction, the sensors will easily pick up your presence and get on to changing the lights to green. Apparently, it is a completely legit way to save some time at the junctions. Since we have so many junctions on our roads, it might just be worth your while to get one of this. You can get it for USD 34.99 here. You May Be Interested In: Incredible Hot New Features and Gadgets for Your Car

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