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Riding essentials in singapore summers - DirectAsia

It is definitely harder to ATGATT* here in Singapore. We’re not saying you shouldn’t try to ride as protected as you can, but riding out in full leathers with our heat, humidity and weather is pretty brutal. Even so, many Singapore riders are getting way too slack. Specifically we’re talking about the flip flop riders. You’ve probably seen them out on the roads riding around with a properly endorsed helmet protecting their head up top, and then thong sandals “covering” their feet. Have you tried walking in flip flips when it’s wet? That’s hard enough. Now try to gain footing on a bike in the wet. Next to impossible.

The More Likely Crash

Fatal accidents are terrible and what we all fear as riders. Even more likely though are regular non-fatal crashes. You’re 50 times more likely to be involved in a non-fatal crash in Singapore. And many of these will involve injuries to your feet and legs.
  • You’ll try to plant a foot to gain control
  • The bike will skid into a slide and trap your foot
  • You’ll be dragged by the bike and the tops of your feet will slide along the pavement
  • Your laces come undone and tangle in the chain
There are so many ways your feet and ankles are vulnerable in a crash. We’re not going to post them here, but if you’re feeling brave go and Google “motorcycle foot accident” and click through to some of the resulting images if you dare. They are truly horrific! I’ve had one bad motorcycle crash myself and it broke my ankle, but seeing some of those images I realised how lucky I truly was. Hint, you don’t cover your feet guess what the road strips from your feet? So what should you wear? Yeah, it’d be nice to just be able to slip on some sandals and head out...but not if you’re a motorcycle rider. Don’t. Carry them with you and when you arrive feel free to change. But when you’re on the road you should try to maintain proper gear. Here’s some recommendations to help you beat the heat:

Ventilated Boots

A lot of foot injuries can be avoided with simply wearing the proper gear. For the Singapore climate that means ventilated boots or reinforced shoes. Many companies offer ventilated boots for warmer climate riding. A lot of these are sport riding specialist boots meant for track days and if you participate in those you’re already probably aware…because they’re not letting you on the track in improper gear. Dainese Dean D-WP Boots - A comfortable, ventilated boot that looks more or less like a regular shoe. You might even get away with wearing these into the office if you commute to work! Speed and Strength Black 9 Moto Shoes - These look a bit more like fancy converse and are the perfect complement to a pair of Kevlar riding jeans. They have leather uppers and ankle reinforcements to assist you on a crash. They won’t protect like real boots, but are definitely better than flip flops. Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 - The Joe Rocket boots look a bit like steam punk military wear, but those who enjoy that look will get a breathable, protective boot. Alpinestars Joey Shoes - Another casual style shoe in the Converse style that features breathable materials and double reinforced ankles. These are definitely for those wanting to scream your status as a rider to the general public.

Sweat Wicking Socks

If you buy purpose made riding socks or even some that are made for endurance athletes, the socks will be crafted from a moisture wicking material that will help keep your feet dry. This will further help keep your feet cool and moisture free during warm weather riding. As an added bonus they’ll dry quicker should you be out riding during one of our many rain storms. They do cost a bit more than regular socks, but if you’re riding a lot they’ll make a ton of difference to your overall comfort…and probably help out with foot odour as well

How Do you Beat the Heat?

What do you wear? Have a brand that’s not listed here? What warm riding tips can you share with other riders? Make sure you’re covered at all times when out on the roads. Of course, that also means motorcycle insurance. If you haven’t yet received a free quote from us, why not try today? If you’re a safe rider you could be saving up to 25% on your motorcycle coverage! *ATGATT - All the gear, all the time. You can’t ride without someone mentioning this favourite rider’s term.