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The Football Lunacy Begins: Best Places to Watch the World Cup in Singapore

A Soccer Ball with Flags of the World on a pitch for World Cup Every four years the planet goes crazy watching teams of 11 sweaty men kick an air-filled leather ball around a big field. Or, depending on your point of view, it's one of the most important (the most important? Shhh!) sporting events on Earth, and not a single game is to be missed - even if it's between the teams of countries you've never heard of!

During each World Cup football fanatics get the green light to dress up in ridiculous costumes, imbibe too much and occasionally ascend lampposts singing patriotic songs in fluorescent wigs (or is that just me?). The gloves are really off for this year’s cup – as this one is being held in the spiritual home of protracted and vivacious celebration – Brazil!

Sadly our own Singapore national team won't be heading to Rio this time round. Not that we haven't tasted sweet victory in the AFF Suzuki Cup, seeing off the likes of Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Thailand again in 98, '05, '07 and '12. But as much as we've learned in those memorable games, we're still ranked 145 (What, you didn't know there were that many countries in the world?) - which at least is four places higher than the last time Fifa came round with its clipboard. Anyway, we can still enjoy the Beautiful Game here in Singapore. In fact, our climate is not so different to that of Brazil, so why not find an al fresco bar and watch the likes of Ronaldo and Messi work their magic? You could almost be there... And at the very least you can watch the soap opera of joy and frustration on the faces of all those sozzled ex-pats. Or, you could just pretend to be Spanish for the next two weeks.

Where Can I watch the World Cup in Singapore?

If you're thinking of watching the World Cup in your arm chair for free, you can pretty much forget it. Only the opening match, the two semi-finals and the final will be on free-to-air channels. So if you don't want to pay $112 for access to all 64 matches (StarHub/SingTel), then you'd better dig out your crimson Inesta shirt, put on a funny wig and brush up on your Espaniole - then get down to one of these World Cup friendly bars... Harry's Esplanade (6334 0132) and Harry's Claymore (6736 7330) will tolerate your wig and your funny accent - up until 6am. Prince of Wales Boat Quay (6557 2498) and Prince of Wales Little India (6299 0130) will be airing the free games (which will probably feature Spain at least once, so you won't look silly). The Penny Black (6538 2300) and Muddy Murphy’s (6735 0400) will both be playing most WC matches - probably in a rather boisterous British/Irish manner. Avoid if Spain play England - which is extremely unlikely - or if Ireland play Spain, which would be an interesting fixture since they didn't qualify. You can even watch this year's World Cup at McDonalds :) (no joke). Have a great World Cup 2014!