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What Steve Jobs Knew About You The Customer

Steve Jobs, the man who gave us the iPhone, knew his stuff. His business philosophy was simple – do what you love and do it with excellence.
“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” Steve Jobs, Apple
More of that later. I’m currently on a walking tour in Switzerland, stunning glaciers, dizzying mountain peaks lightly dusted with snow, and no internet access. Writing online and no internet access aren’t ever going to be compatible, so last night I stumbled into the Wallisersonne, a local hotel somewhat off the beaten track, and begged for help. The generous hotel owner, Peter Paul van Broekhuizen, has not only offered my family free internet access (unheard of in these parts), but an endless supply of delicious Swiss Hot Chocolate. He even loaned us free pillows on hearing that we were in short supply. happy customer What you may wonder has all this to do with Steve Jobs or DirectAsia.com, and how is this all about you the customer? Steve Jobs knew that you appreciate excellence.  Think about it. Are you happy with mediocre products, second-rate customer service and an OK price? Or are you truly inspired when you get the best on the market, when someone goes the extra mile, when you know you got a great deal? You will easily be able to recall your best experience as a customer, and your worst. The phrase Customer Service can sometimes be as much of a contradiction in terms as the phrases Jumbo Shrimp, Civil War or Charm Offensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way,
“I'm talking about an environment in which excellence is noticed and respected and is in the culture. If you have that, you don't have to tell people to do excellent work. They understand it from their surroundings.” Steve Jobs, Apple
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What About You The Customer?

You the customer want things done well. That’s why DirectAsia.com has been busy transforming cumbersome and outdated ways of doing insurance in Asia. For years the local insurance industry relied on a number of middlemen - agents who bumped up premiums with their commission. The time was ripe for an insurance company that did away with agents and gave power and of course, significant savings, back to the people. DirectAsia.com has quickly established a great reputation for offering customers a range of innovative insurance policies, helping them to protect them and their assets, both home and abroad. This recognition has firmly established DirectAsia.com as one of Singapore's leading online insurers and has translated into awards in Singapore for both the quality of both our insurance products and, equally important, customer service. Crucially, in 2012 when the people of Singapore voted for their favourite insurer, we won a clutch of People’s Choice Awards. Simon Birch, DirectAsia.com’s CEO explains what this means,
"We are very excited about this win. There were 10 entrants in this category and most were big, international insurance companies. We are a new Asian insurer and we're already making waves because we are so focused on the customer and making insurance easier and cheaper for everyone. It means a great deal to us that the people of Singapore are happy with the service they receive from DirectAsia.com."
So, if you want excellent insurance delivered by local people who go the extra mile, click here to find out how you can benefit from great, low cost car, motorcycle, home, travel and term life cover to suit you. Find out more about Steve Jobs