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Stunning Pre-wedding Photo Destinations that Double up as a Holiday

Stunning Pre-wedding photo Destinations that Double up as a holiday

Taking wedding photography has been a popular way for many couples in Singapore to document their love before the big day. And nothing spells love more than exploring some of the world’s most romantic and exotic places with your life partner. While taking your wedding photos overseas definitely cost more than doing it locally, you’ll have access to stunning scenery and capture memories that are unique to the both of you. And since you are already making the trip there, why not extend it to make it a relaxing holiday after all that stress and hassle?

Whether you are looking for more budget-friendly locations or chasing after the unique architecture in Europe, you’re bound to find the ideal location for your needs from our list of 8 overseas pre-wedding photoshoot destinations. Of course, with all that expensive gowns and suits you have, always remember to take up a travel insurance for a peace of mind!


Iceland wedding photo

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Perfect for couples seeking stunning natural scenery at every turn, Iceland is the place to go to for magnificent glaciers and dramatic landscape of volcanoes, hotsprings, black sand beach and the highly-sought-after Northern Lights.

*Travel Insurance for 2 costs $78

2. New Zealand

New Zealand’s mix of landscapes provides a visual feast for those who want a variety in their photoshoot. From large green plains, turquoise blue lakes and snow-capped mountains, choosing the right season to go is key to capturing the best of what Mother Nature provides.

The last quarter of the year is probably the best period to visit New Zealand as you will be able to witness its astounding beauty in full force. It’s Summer season from November onwards and that’s when you can catch the gorgeous lavender fields and lupins in the South Island near Lake Tekapo.

*Travel Insurance for 2 costs $ 78

3. Greece


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White wedding gowns always look stunning against the backdrop of Santorini - with its iconic pristine white walls against the azure blue waters and breathtaking scenes, Greece needs no introduction as a wedding photography location. Known as the “Island of love”, couples flock to the romantic Greek island, and who’s to argue that it doesn’t make a romantic holiday destination as well?

*Travel Insurance for 2 costs $ 78

4. Hong Kong

Hongkong wedding shoot

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For a nearby location that offers an oriental twist, Hong Kong has much to offer for an exotic wedding photography. Street scenes, Chinese-themed gardens, temples and secluded villages all make for some romantic story telling. Some locations that you can explore include The Peak,  Lai Chi Kok Park and beachside village Shek O.

After your photo sessions, you can also make use of the chance to shop for cheap wedding decorations, accessories and even your wedding favours!

*Travel Insurance for 2 costs $ 40

5. France

paris wedding photo

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Paris needs no explanation as to why it is the most popular destination for pre-wedding photoshoots. The city of love is known for its iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triumph and Palace of Versailles.

Perhaps the best time to go will be between October-November, where the weather turns a little cooler so that you don’t melt under all that heavy make-up and costumes. Of course, the countryside provides many interesting photo opportunities as well, from Lavender fields, snow mountains to majestic castles and churches, so if you have the time and budget, don’t neglect those!

*Travel Insurance for 2 costs $ 78

6. Bali

Bali Wedding

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Already a favourite for weekend escapades from Singapore, Bali makes another great location for wedding photos. And it’s not just beaches we are talking about. Magnificent volcanic mountains, captivating rice paddies and beautiful waterfalls make Bali a popular pick. What’s more the nearby location also means it is likely to be much cheaper compared to flying halfway across the world. With beautiful white beaches, stunning sunset views and a touch of the Asian exotic, Bali is the place to be if you are looking for a touch of paradise!

*Travel Insurance for 2 costs $ 40

7. Italy

Priceless Renaissance architectures and religious monuments are no doubt part of the charm of getting your wedding photos shot in Italy. Whether you choose to follow in the footsteps of saints in Rome or bask in the romance of Florence, you won’t be disappointed with Italy. Avoid the high season in summer (July-September) at all cost since it’s going to be too hot and crowded.

*Travel Insurance for 2 costs $ 78

8. Japan

Japan wedding

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Japan is another favourite for pre-wedding photoshoots. There’s always something interesting happening in Japan all around the year. Other than the Sakura blooms in Spring and the fiery hues of Autumn, Japan is brimming with culture and character unique only to them.

Whether you are looking for a sea of white amidst winter, a cultural shoot of you wearing traditional Japanese costumes at a Temple or a floral landscape in Spring, you can find it in Japan. And don’t forget to enjoy some of their wonderful cuisine before you leave!

*Travel Insurance for 2 costs $ 50

Getting your wedding photos taken overseas will no doubt be more costly compared to having them shot locally, but the once-in-a-lifetime experience is probably something you don’t want to scrimp on. With all that expensive costumes, wedding accessories and camera equipment needed during the trip, having the right travel insurance is a must! Not to mention, any trip cancellation due to weather events or threat of terrorism is covered by DirectAsia as well. Find out more about our travel insurance plans here and get a happier quote!

Travel insurance quotes on based on single trip plan for 2 for 7 days in November 2018.