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Getting Insurance after a car accident | DirectAsia Insurance

Having trouble getting insured after a car accident? Here’s what you can do

No one likes to pay for something and seemingly never getting anything back - this might be what many people feel about insurance in general. The main purpose of an insurance is to protect against risk; the financial loss of getting into an unwanted car accident, a diagnosed health condition that prevents one from working, or even death.

So while most insurers are happy to get new customers paying them premiums, it does seem that many turn down the very customers they should protect - high-risk clients. Whether it is someone who has been diagnosed with a critical illness, someone who has high-blood pressure or a driver who has gotten into a previous accident, you’d find that insurers are typically reluctant to insure them.

In Singapore, it is required by law for a driver to be covered by an auto insurance before they can drive their car on the road. So if you are one of the unlucky ones who has gotten into a previous accident, you might have faced the predicament of being rejected for your car insurance renewal or to get a new car insurance.

Here at DirectAsia, we understand that all drivers should have their right to be insured, so if you were recently rejected by other car insurers, here’s a solution for you - SOS Car Insurance.

What is an SOS Car Insurance?

DirectAsia’s SOS cover is similar to a comprehensive car insurance, but designed specifically to help drivers who need a second chance. If you've had 2 or more at fault accidents in the last 3 years, or had your auto insurance refused by other insurers, it can be hard to find car insurance in Singapore. Our SOS plan provides a complete range of cover including liability to third party and loss due to fire, theft and natural disasters. It also covers windscreen breakage and towing expenses.

What is an SOS Car Insurance?

Similar to our regular policies, the SOS plan is a great base for further customisation. You'll be able to add on optional benefits like loss of use, personal accident coverage, no-claim discount protection and 24-Hour breakdown assistance.

Will there be an increase in premium?

It is not uncommon for drivers to face a higher car insurance premium following more than 2 accident claims due to the higher risk the insurer is facing. While the higher premium is inevitable, the good news is that you will still be covered under our SOS insurance and be entitled to no-claim discounts if you are able to maintain a no-claim record under your insurance policy.

The premium discount that you will be entitled to for the next period of insurance if no claim has occurred on your DirectAsia SOS car insurance policy (or other insurer’s policy that is acceptable to us) is as follows:

No Claims for: Your No-claims Discount is up to:
1 year 10%
2 consecutive years 20%
3 consecutive years 30%
4 consecutive years 40%
5 or more consecutive years 50%

We believe that all drivers deserve a fair chance to be insured. Even if you have not had a rejection but have had insurers quote you a high premium for having past accidents, DirectAsia can help. Our SOS Car insurance will be able to help all drivers looking for a second chance. Call us now at 6665 5555 to find out more about our SOS insurance and ask for a quote.