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Singapore Cars are Expensive, So What Else Could You Buy

What would you buy a car or a condo?

Ok, I’m sorry; today’s post is going to hurt a little to read. We all know cars are crazy expensive in Singapore, but when an Aston Martin almost took off my knee caps the other day speeding to get to the next red light I started thinking about just how silly it was to have that car.

Don’t get me wrong. If I was living anywhere but a jam packed island and had the funds I’d gladly take the new Bond car for a few months. Mostly so I could enjoy the open throated growl of that beautifully tuned engine.

But to have such a beauty running what boils down essentially to parade duty in Singapore…no! It’s a waste of a car and beyond that, a waste of money that could go any number of other places besides a fancier box to sit in between lights.

It made me think. What could you buy instead?

We’re going to go with new cars here and I’m just going to do a flat 65K on the COE to make things easier. I know these prices are always fluctuating and sometimes they’re more or less, but that’s around where they are today so let’s use that. Be ready to shed a tear or two...

Toyota Yaris

Some say Yaris comes from the Greek for Yes (some old Goddess association). OK, so what can you get for the $176,888 Yaris from Greece?

16,080 litres of Olive Oil

Fiat 500 Gucci Luxury Convertible

Gucci edition you say? What if I don't want a small, underpowered car that can barely fit two? For that $201,900?

You could get around 100 Gucci Bags (not on sale)


This was the car of the year in 2013. Singaporean's just love the GTI. You know what else they love for $260,000?

A 3 Bedroom BTO in Woodlands Glen


$545,000K could get you the current trendy, tuner car of choice the Nissan GTR. Or it could get you something trendier that'll last a bit longer...

An apartment in Manhattan’s Lower East Side

Jaguar XJ Supercharged Supersport V8

Sure nothing sounds quite like a Jaguar. But $635,000K is a lot for one measly car associated more with old drivers these days. What else could you get?

Around a Dozen Real life Jaguars (that'll sound way cooler). 

Aston Martin Vanquish $1,153,000 to look like James Bond when no one can even see you? Forget that.

I'd rather have 230 Tom Ford Bond Tuxedos (almost enough to get me through the year) or the same number of Omega Bond Watches

Rolls-Royce Phantom For $1,170,000 you could have a car that's a spacious as any on the road with luxury to spare. Or you could get?

A 600 acre ranch in Texas with 3 houses on the property

Ferrari 458 Spider Ferraris can undoubtedly get you there quick and in style, but for $1,356,000 you could do better.

How about a MD520N Police Helicopter?

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

Lamborghinis are what you buy to really show off. But most people above the age of 12 will be quietly mocking you behind your back. You know what adults won't be mocking your $2 million spent?

The ones invited to share your 1,000 pounds of ossetra caviar

Finally If That's Not Sad Enough

Honda Fit

One of Singapore's least impressive city commuters clocks in at $165,000. For that price in the USA you could have a Brand New Nissan GTR, Honda Fit, and a Harley Davidson :(

Cars are Expensive Here so Save Where You Can

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